Cheer Up

It’s Monday…the day most commonly associated with doom and gloom, so I declare it perfect timing to introduce CHEER UP CLOTHING

Run by two best friends working together to combine their love of music and fashion. Their hand drawn designs have celebrated growing success and are much loved by loyal customers, friends and and musical greatness such as All American Rejects.
Above are a couple of my favourite shots from their current lookbook, which are all available to buy online. Another favourite are the fabulous hoodies (I need this one in my life!)

Not one to miss out on an opportunity, Cheer Up have created a line of pieces to celebrate the impending Nuptials of William and Kate…
you have probably gathered by now that I am not in the least bit bothered by the Royal Wedding (except it gives me a day off work to spend celebrating my birthday a day late!) but I am rather taken by these Royal themed designs.

Kings Crown unisex tee in white

Queens crown embroidered sweater.

Cheer up clothing have also just launched the T-Room which will feature acoustic sessions and interviews with emerging stars within the music industry. No genre or style will go un-touched…personally I can’t wait to stumble upon some new talent to add to my playlists!

What do you think?

And who is your favourite new musical discovery?


P.S. Pixie giveaway closes at NOON, winner will be announced tonight.

13 comments for “Cheer Up

  1. love the black crown jumper, although I’m not really feeling the royal wedding memorabilia at the moment.
    I love White lies at the mo, although they’re not exactly that new!

  2. cute jumpers & tees – I don’t jump on the royal wedding bandwagon… *yawn*

    fave act at the mo…? Urm, Nicole Scherzinger. I know, she’s not new….!!


  3. awesome label, love the crown print 🙂

  4. And cheer me up they did.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. This is so cute !!!! I especially loe the black top with the crown on 🙂 xxxx

  6. You need to get yourself that pink hoody – it’s fab!

  7. This clothing range looks so simple and cute. Thanks for the share 🙂

  8. The queens crown sweater is so cute, perfect casual wear. Happy Monday! Now i’m not at work i LOVE mondays, they mean food shopping delivery and pureeing for Sebs weeks meals! x

  9. Oh my goood- they’re incredible! Off to have a good ol’ mooch round the site now!

    And seeings as I haven’t commented since being on holiday…balls.


  10. These are lovely!

    What a great name for a brand too!

  11. These would be so cool to throw on over denims in the Summer

  12. Anonymous

    Ooo! I love this line!! <3