Current Cravings

I swear ASOS are going to be the death of me, I can’t help but have a daily browse of the website checking for new arrivals and it takes real restraint and lack of credit card to stop me placing multiple weekly orders.
Despite my vow to streamline my style this AW I’ve found myself and my attention wandering somewhat to the goodies show above. Firstly I fell in love with the jacket, rationalising that the price was justifiable because it would go with both work and non-work outfits (not to mention look pretty cool).
The cat dress had me the second I saw it. Laura + cats = no brainer. I’m probably going to own this before September is out. Oh and the denim skirt despite the fact we’re heading towards colder weather? Quite simply because I’ve been on the search for the perfect one all summer and I wanted to document that my ideal one does exist.
And then we go on to accessories. Classic black over the knee boots are practically an essential and my last pair are no longer. Randomly gaudy snake earrings? I so don’t need those but they are the cheapest item on my list and oh so pretty and oh so perfect with my planned black and white attire. The backpack I have no reason for sticking in there, other than it’s pretty and I do use a backpack at weekends with the boy. I have a perfectly servicable one though and at £75 I really can’t justify it, but did I mention that it’s pretty?
What websites get you every time, and what are you coveting right now?

12 comments for “Current Cravings

  1. I am obsessed with asos at the moment. They’re just getting it so right. I love their regular stuff and I’ve had that cat dress saved for a while but they do the best maternity range out there. Everywhere else just has basics in boring colours but asos has so many things to tempt me!

  2. *cough* crazy cat lady *cough*. I need that dress too, haha x

  3. Darling, could you link me that cat dress?
    I think I just died a bit.

    I love smock/tshirt dresses, I live in them.
    I love cats even more.

    I’ve never seen a dress so perfect 😉

    Kelly ||

  4. Lovin’ those earrings! Missguided always seem to create a whole new wishlist for me even when I’m only having a quick browse…

    Sophie <3 soinspo

  5. I try to avoid ASOS as much as I can, it’s all too tempting! 😉 Those boots are delicious.

    Tara x

  6. I’m a total ASOS addict too! That denim skirt is perfect, wish I’d owned it in the summer but it kept selling out 🙁 xxx

  7. Perfect wish list material! Especially the boots!

  8. Those over the knee boots are a bit nice. Forget about practicality, if it looks pretty…buy it!


    A Tuesday’s Child

  9. Those over the knee boots are a bit nice. Forget about practicality, if it looks pretty…buy it!


    A Tuesday’s Child

  10. I know how you feel 🙁 That leather backpack is everything

  11. Cat… dress……. must have!!

    Florrie x