daisy chain dreaming: get your SWAG on

I appear to have a bit a bracelet obsession at the moment if recent wish list posts are anything to go by,
there is something about Summer (ha!) and the baring of arms that makes me want to stack them up…
the brighter and bolder the better.
I recently discovered yet another place to haunt for Jewellery online; a little place called SWAG,
a family run business which has 40 years experience of providing beautiful jewellery from fashionable names such as Chlobo, Guess, DKNY and Pandora through to pre-owned watches from luxury brands such as Rolex and Cartier.
Today my lustings come from the Thomas Sabo section of the website…I don’t (yet) own any pieces myself but taking a look at the selection of pre-made bracelets- ideal for those like me who take forever to choose, I have fallen head over heels for the bold yet cutesy Disney themed designs
Fairytale completed bracelet featuring Minnie Mouse, £177.85. I was Minnie obsessed as a child and I love how her pink and girly style has been paired with the bold black.

Kermit! £134.80. I LOVE Kermit, so cute and the pastel pink is perfect for Summer days

Tinkerbell, £104.85 just too cute not to include and perfect for the girly girl.
Ok so they aren’t the most grown up pieces I’ve ever picked but in my eyes Summer jewellery is about having fun.
If this isn’t your thing then why not check out what else SWAG has to offer? 
(I also recommend Chlobo and the Pandora S/S collection)
Drop a few hints, buy a few gifts or just treat yourself…come payday I just might!
What do you think of these bracelets? Would you opt for a completed one or design it yourself?

9 comments for “daisy chain dreaming: get your SWAG on

  1. I am obsessed by bracelts, my daugher knows it so whenever she sees something I would like, she buys it for me.

    I am now following you also on Bloglovin.

  2. I love bracelets, so pretty!

  3. I love looking at bracelets and rings but I just can’t get on with them – I think it’s from ears of waitressing and bar work! I do love Thomas Sabo though – charm bracelets are devine x

  4. I really like the idea of wearing bracelets and I think they look really cool on people but I somehow never wear them because the freak me out and bother me.:D But I might just have to do something about that… Soon.:)

  5. I love that kermit bracelet =)

    Corinne x

  6. I adore the disney bracelets but alas they are far too many pennies for me.

    X x

  7. SWAG love the name 🙂
    The Tinkerbell one is so cute!

  8. These are so pretty, I love Kermit. x

  9. I love these kind of Thomas sabo bracelets. I have a black one with a red stiletto, 4 leaf clover and a diamanté “C” and have a pearl one with a pink dragonfly. They’re fab pieces of jewellery and are great as you can mix them up with diff charms. Xx