Daisy Chain Dreaming: Repertoire Fashion

I’ve spent my afternoon checking out Primark’s A/W collection, bemoaning  the fact that there is still almost a week to payday and I am feeling the pinch,
so of course, it makes perfect sense that I come home and make yet another wishlist, this time courtesy of Repertoire Fashion, another one of those websites I’ve only recently become aware of and almost wish I didn’t know about!

My picks have a distinct warm-wearing theme, I am so over this lack of summer weather, once again I have clothes (some from last year) left unworn and whilst I don’t relish the cold and dark winters I do love an excuse to layer up cosily.

1. Vivienne Westwood skirt

2. Michael Kors boots

3. Sonia Rykiel dress (loveee this!)

4. Michael Kors

5. Barbour. I am determined to own a Barbour at some point this winter.

have a little look around Repertoire Fashion for yourself and let me know what you’d be buying should money be no object!


10 comments for “Daisy Chain Dreaming: Repertoire Fashion

  1. Hey 🙂

    I am also very much over Summer…or the lack of it I guess. I love Autumn and Winter and I love the cold and how dark it gets (I get why you don’t) because it makes me enjoy being inside with my family more and doing the simple things like drink tea and watching films! I also really like getting all cosy. I have bought myself the coolest navy and mulberry gilet which is gonna keep me nice and warm. All I need to find is a Winter coat!

    Great post and lovely picks. The boots are really cute.


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  2. Love the Boots and Michael Kors <3.

    Sadie x

  3. That jacket is a beaut! xx

  4. I love the Micheal Kors boots! I got all excited when I read the top bit of this and thought this was all Primark! I thought it all looked too nice to be Primark. Then I read down and saw it wasn’t. Sad face! 🙁
    I love it all though!

  5. That Vivienne Westwood skirt! WOW. Deff try get a Barbour if you can, I have one and it’s perfect for the rainy British weather xxx

  6. I want a Barbour too! definitely on my wish list for Autumn! xxx
    XO Amie


  7. Love the grey cardigan. Wishing it wasn’t quite so far out of my price range!


  8. those michael kor’s boots are amazing! x