denim x 2

A rarity for me, but over the past couple of days I have found myself favouring jeans over my usual uniform of a dress or skirt. It’s like a comfort blanket I think, and with things being just a little stressful in my life at the moment I’ve fallen back in to old habits.

Not that I mind, denim has it’s charms, I’ve just never felt its suited me all that well.



These are my £4.99 Urban Outfitters jeans, made by [blank] and worn with a past season topshop top. I’ve never heard of this brand before, but they fit well and are long enough in the leg and waist for my tall frame. I wouldn’t pay £60 for a pair of jeans, but at less than £5 I can’t complain.


Today I was too lazy for anything more than a mirror picture, especially as Mum is ill so I’ve had to make a couple of trips to the shops to pick up things we need as we have no food in the house. The jeans I’m wearing today are River Island (nabbed off Mum) and the shirt is a hand me down from a friend.

I did indulge in some more retail therapy both yesterday and today,
budget style of course.
I picked up two pairs of tights in Boots yesterday; one grey and one royal blue for £1.25 a pair…so if you have a Boots near you, check them out as they are having major clearance (also on some Soap and Glory products though typically these were sold out here).

Today I treated myself to a much lusted after leopard print leotard in New Look, rationalising that I should make the most of my student discount as I have less than two weeks until it becomes in-valid. So, £10.80 makes a bargain, yes?


Sorry if the photo is super small.

I can’t wait to take my saved up pennies along to Primark, I am in major shopping mode lately.


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  1. Hi love! Sigh. Much like how you prefer dresses and skirts, I pretty much live in jeans and t-shirts. 🙂


    Ive heard so many good things about Primark. I kind of wish they have an online shop or something.

    Take Care!



  2. Great steal from Urban!! that’s awesome, the jeans look fab on you. And I’m so so sooo in love with that top!! You look great girly <3

    xox, mavi

  3. Even though you’re wearing dreams, the outfit still looks pretty and girly with that lovely flowy top in the top image.

  4. I love your top and the shirt!

    Hope your mum gets better soon!

  5. i really like your topshop top & the plaid shirt.
    also the leopard body is just too cute!
    sea @ fashionsqueah!

  6. the pink top you’re wearing in the pics is great!!!!


  7. Hii hun, i can’t believe whats happened to your old blog(i am like a week behind!) but i’m glad to find your still blogging. Love that topshop top x

  8. i am so sad that we dont have urban here! thank god for online shopping! 😉 LOVE THAT TOP ON YOU! 🙂

  9. Super cute.
    Lovely on you.

    I want that leotard and the plaid top as well 🙂
    and I stopped, cold turkey (I think it helped that I had a cold and needed my mouth open to breathe… LOL!) 😉


  10. i can live in denim every day. the first time is adorable. Maybe it is the california thing with jeans.

  11. Vik

    love the leotard! wish i had the guts to wear one myself.. but just dont think i could pull one off!

  12. Jeans look great on you! 🙂

  13. those jeans look really good on you. I find it so hard to find a nice-fitting jeans for my stupid wide hips.

    And yes, you MUST make the most of your student discount while it lasts! You’ll miss it once it’s gone!

  14. I am also a dress fan, just because I feel so much more free in them.

    Dah, I feel so dumb. Your link didn’t work for the longest time, so I thought you gave up blogging!

  15. Kb

    I’m in major shopping mode too! Shame my friends aren’t as obsessed as me, I could have spent hours wandering around London. Love the bodysuit; keep a lookout for offers on moneysavingexpert once the student discount goes. Or befriend a few…
    P.S you look great in denim

  16. i love denim. i totally understand its so comforting and reasurring! love the outfits btw

  17. you always look great in your dresses but I totally get the comfy jeans! love that topshop top by the way!

  18. I love the flannel shirt and the leotard.

  19. E

    I think it’s good to mix it up a bit every one in a while. I love the lines on that top!

  20. The bodysuit is perfection.. so jealous! You look great.

  21. you look stunning, dear! I love how you write about your shopping fever, I can’t wait to see your new items 🙂
    have a lovely day, xoxo

  22. Wow, those jeans were a bargain!

  23. great outfits, i adore ur tops, it’s so beautiful 🙂

    i want it tooo, can’t wait to buy it 🙂


  24. I’m very similar with my skirts and dresses – I suppose I feel safer in them – more covered up? But I’ve been wearing jeans more recently, too. Variety is the spice of life 😉
    Loving the leotard – ooh I’m totally hitting Primark today too… my A Level results come out tomorrow and I need a pre-result celebration because I may well be comiserating tomorrow!

  25. The new Primark is amazing…you will love it! The leotard is lush- can’t wait to see some outfits!! xx

  26. They are cute aren’t they- I’ve never had a pet rat before, I’m excited to get them! 🙂

  27. Wow can’t believe you got so many bargains!!! Sometimes after wearing loads of skirts and dresses it feels nice to just chuck on a pair of jeans…

    Hope your mum gets better soon…

    Love Jojo xx

  28. Sam

    You look great wearing jeans! And I know what you mean. I also been wearing jeans more lately, because I’ve been pretty busy.
    I really like how you combined the jeans in the second outfit!

  29. I actually really like that leopard print leotard. Say that ten times quickly 😉

    And hey, hey, retail therapy is always a positive. Especially at that price. I’m banned from it, considering my last purchase…heh 😛

    have a great one

  30. LOVE the first cute top!

  31. I’m obsessed with that plaid tub. It’s perfectly rugged chic. I want it! 🙂

  32. Love your new leo and that first blouse ~ fab!


  33. love that top! and 5 pound urban outfitter jeans… ive never even found socks in that store for that cheap!

  34. Two things I have in common right now…wearing jeans and being in shopping mood! (I’m always in shopping mood by the way). I love that Topshop top you’re wearing! Very cute!

    Hope your mom feels better soon! xxoxoxoxo

  35. Love love love the bodysuit!

  36. Those jeans look wonderful on you 🙂

  37. That shirt in the first two photos is lovely. You look amazing in it!

  38. Anonymous

    oooo! I miss leotards from when I danced! lol.

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  40. i love the color of your first shirt! very cute 🙂

  41. I love light/pastel/nude colours on you, really suits your colouring. Beautiful

  42. Both very cute outfits!

  43. what a fab pait of jeans the cut is awesome on you and love thenude top with the black detailing:)x

  44. You are gorgeous! Great blog! And thanks for the sweet comment!

  45. Those jeans are gorgeous!