sweet tooth

Last time I baked, I made flapjack, which I sent with Mum to work (at a Doctors Surgery). She came home the same day with requests for more baked goods, so this morning after waking up at a stupidly early hour I set to work.

For the record, I bake in my PJs, I make so much mess, it’s not worth putting an outfit on for!


First up today was Rice Krispy treats, which are so easy to make and always a hit. I think they took me 15 minutes in total (and then a further half an hour to clear up after myself)


Then, having had an urge to do something with the surplus of oats we have, I found a recipe for oatmeal cookies and at the last minute added in some M&Ms for colour.


Again, these were really quick and easy to do, and smelt amazing whilst cooking.

And after all that?
My outfit today is barely worth showing


American Apparel t-shirt dress and some plain full length leggings.

If anyone wants either recipe let me know


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  1. Vik

    yum yum!! i really should bake more!! i have a great cupcake recipe book and make pretty good ginger and lemon cupcakes..
    you’ve inspired me! this wk-end i will bake!! xx


  2. YEY for blogger baking! Love the look fo the M&M oat things, could you please send me recipe? xx

  3. Those cookies look so tasty! Always bake/clean house/etc. in my PJs. Love your AA tee/dress

  4. rice crispy treats!

  5. yes,yes please both recipes!they look super delicious and i ve been looking for a long time for some easy recipe!

  6. Baking always makes the perfect morning :]

    So nice of you to bake some treats for your mum.

  7. those cookies looks delicious…!!!


  8. It’s not fair. Even in your pj’s you look so elegant and poised.

    Baking in PJ’s! I have never done that before. I feel like this is something I need to try!

  9. baking in pjs 😉 adore! im feeling the need to bake later today with all this rain…

    enjoy the yummy sweets!

  10. MJ

    Yumm. I am shocking at cooking, but these look really nice…


  11. I love baking so much! Both sweets look great, I bet they tasted great too! And the truth is, I always bake in my pj’s too! 🙂

  12. Yummm! Sounds and looks delish 🙂

    xox, mavi

  13. I am known to spend full weekends Friday night to Monday morning in my PJs. Everything looks delicious!

  14. Oatmeal cookie recipe. Pleasssssssssse. And that looks like my kinda dress. I live for tee shirt dresses!

  15. gorgeous cookies and I love your outfit, too! so fresh, so clean, so chic 🙂
    have a lovely day, xoxo

  16. honey !! i love the stripes tee!!!
    yumiiii post !!!!!

  17. Ooooh yum! I’ve been busy baking today for a certain little siblings birthday..rice krispie cakes are so easy to make aren’t they?

  18. mmm, rice krispies treats!
    I’ve never made oatmeal cookies before, but seeing I’ve got a huge bag of oatmeal in the kitchen, you’ve just inspired me to do so. Recipe, please? 🙂

  19. those look very tasty! 🙂 i’d sure love to know the recipes dear. especially to the rice krispies, yummy! <3

  20. i love rice crispy with peanut butter cup. : )

  21. it’s awesome, ur not good in outfits but you can bake too, im not good in cook and bake, you should be teach me :), pls give me a recipe to make a rice krispies, i will ask to my mom to make it 🙂


  22. Anonymous

    Ooo! I love t-shirt dresses, the food looks yum. I haven’t baked in years…lol.

  23. Oh oh oh! You made me really hungry! I’m more of a cook than a baker, though. But I do want to try baking again. And you look adorable in your PJs!

  24. your cookies look yummy…never though putting m&ms on my cookies..nice idea…

    like the simple apparel tee

  25. wow you’re so fast at cooking!!!! you did a great job! if only i could taste test! haha mwa

  26. Darn it! You’ve got me wanting some rice crispy treats NOW! They’re good with chocolate chips mixed in too!!!


  27. Oooh I am feeling hungry now, they look so tasty!
    Love your pj’s btw 😉
    Mine always shrink in the wash lol and look like they are cropped even though they are meant to be full length!
    Love this post
    Beth xx

  28. I wear a suit of armor when I bake cookies! Excelsior!!

  29. Eri

    I haven’t baked for yeras, used to enjoy a lot, but always used to bake naughty thinks like chocolate cake and stuff.
    And it all at once!

    Hope you are well enjoying the good weather.


  30. Thanks for the inspiration! I should bake something today… 😀

  31. I love baking as well – there’s just something fun about it, and once I get on a roll I end up baking a bunch of treats. Those m&m cookies look delicious!

  32. Love your pj’s and the sweet treats!

  33. Mmm looks yummy and I love your simple outfit! Looks very comfy

  34. ohmigod that looks so yummy !
    adn love that AA shirt dress

  35. you have the prettiest face ever, it’s so delicate. yey for baking posts!

  36. ahh what delicious goodies!! rice krispy treats are such a childhood fav of mine 🙂

    i love leavin my PJs on in the AM too! xoxoxo

  37. Ah. *grasrmairuamosr* That was just my tummy growling. Looks yummy – I really want to dive into the computer screen, steal some of your food, and come out to munch on them..

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  38. Very cute basic outfit, looks super comfy!
    and those cookies look sooo yummy!!



  39. omg your food looks super yummy, my mouth is seriously watering, I WANTTT 🙁


  40. oatmeal cookies and rice krispy treats <3333333

  41. Those cookies and rice krispie treats look delicious! I love your black leggings too. 🙂

  42. wow those look so yummy, I like the AA top. Cute blog

  43. Yay I found your blog again!

  44. Oh my goodness,
    everything looks so delicious! and we love your striped t-shirt dress

    -N + K

  45. Looks delish!


  46. yum. thos cokkies are so cute. They have eyes. hihihi. i love your outfit. Looks breezy.

    have a great day

  47. I like the pyjama and the cookies look delicious!

  48. i’ve never made my own rice krispies treats… the first time i had them 2 years ago, i thought this was the best idea that cereals have had in a long time.

    of course i soon found out that they’ve been around forever and *I* was the newbie to america and never had them before.

    i’ve been making brownies recently though… eating chocolate and fatty food has helped me keep my sanity throughout parsons.

  49. love the reference w/ rice krispy – so perfect, :-)))

  50. ooo mannnn you evil girl you’ve made me sooo hungry and it’s 2 a.m in the morning! >< haha i can't wait to try out your recipes soon! have you always been into baking?

  51. Ca te va à merveille le look décontracté avec le pyjama j’aimes beaucoup c’est très mignon