Designer Dreams- the pink coat

A few posts ago I featured THE pink coat by Marks and Spencer but now I appear to have taken my lusting one stage further by letting myself browse on
Behold this beauty from Valentino Red- a snip at £550, who needs to eat/pay bills/have a life any way?

I could never bring myself to spend that kind of money on an item of clothing, even if it is beautiful outerwear and even if I could afford it
but a girl needs to be able to dream every now and again right?
 I have in fact picked up the perfect grey coat in Next this year. My mission for my Winter coat took far less effort than ever before, there are SO many gorgeous pieces on the highstreet at the moment.

7 comments for “Designer Dreams- the pink coat

  1. This pink coat us beautiful! For the first time ever I think I’m going to resist buying a new winter coat. My baby bump just makes it impossible and I’ve discovered I have a dark red swing coat from topshop a couple of year ago that should hopefully accommodate the bump for quite a while. X

  2. SJP

    All these pink coat posts are making me want one so badly, but I just don’t think pink is my colour – damn Raf Simons and Jil Sander!

  3. I really love the shape and colour of this coat. Would definitely make a change from plain old black.

  4. That pink coat is so pretty and so out of my league.

  5. This is the most beautiful shade of pink…The rent and the bills can wait, clothes first!!

  6. Ah, what a beaut! I think I’d rather spend £80 and get the Zara version though…

    Tara xo

  7. I want a pink coat, that one is gorgeous x