Jumper: Miss Selfridge, Skirt: Matalan, Shoes: New Look

So last week saw as few clothes as possible and now this week we’re back in jumpers and layers; oh Britain, you do like to keep us on our toes.

This skirt re-affirms why I love Matalan so much! It was the fruits of my Bank Holiday shopping trip and cost a bargain £14! I quite fancy the Mint version that’s online too, but that wasn’t available in my store. In real life the Pink is a really subtle shade of neon…a perfect way to embrace the trend without being too full on.

In other exciting news I’ve got a holiday booked! I haven’t been away for *cough* seven years so I am beyond excited to be heading off to Spain on the 3rd August for 8 nights with a wonderful friend. For the first time in years all those swimwear displays and cheap and cheerful flip-flops are actually appealing.

Off to work for me though, I am doing a lot of split shifts at the moment; half day taking bloods and then half on reception, my poor brain can’t keep up! As long as I have no more fainters or sicky people I will be fine!

(and to celebrate I have an awesome giveaway coming up)
Long live short weeks.

24 comments for “dipped

  1. really love that skirt! Always envy that cute jumper x

  2. Gorgeous skirt. YAY for your holiday. I can’t wait to get away either… xx

  3. Skirt is so cute! x

  4. Ah love the skirt, looks so good on you. Think I’m going to have to head down to matalan! x

  5. Love the jumper, its so cute.
    YAY for a holiday aswell 🙂

    Jess x

  6. The skirt is gorgeous, I might have to keep my eye out!

  7. That jumper is so cute – I love it!

    Gems x

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  8. I haven’t been brave enough to try the dipped hem yet, but it looks great on you!


  9. hurray for holidays! We’re not going away this year, our next holiday will probably be our honeymoon, it will be SO worth it. The bunny jumper is adorable and just perfect for this miserable weather.

  10. Aw poor Mae looking at the weather!

  11. Aww it must be so exciting to now be looking for holiday items! I am still undecided on whether to go away or not this summer but fingers crossed 🙂 x x x

  12. Love the skirt!
    Wish I was going on holiday, so jealous! x

  13. That’s a beautiful skirt! Matalan is so good these days. And how cute is your jumper?? xxx

  14. What a bargain!? It’s so cute too, love that colour.

    So glad you’ve booked your holiday, exciting!! While you’re in sunny Spain I’ll be on a Hen Weekend in the rainy UK…SIGH 😉

    T xoxo

  15. Vix

    What a fab skirt! I’m so pleased you’ve booked a hol, how exciting to start holiday shopping and have some sunshine but I bet Mae’ll miss you! x

  16. That skirt is not only stunning but reasonably priced too. Yeah for Mattalan.

    Bet your super excited about your holiday, you enjoy it hun.

    X x

  17. I’m such a big matalan fan, that skirt is amazing… Mint sounds good too! And that jumper is adorable, and kinda makes grey horrible days in June alright if it means you can wear a cute bunny jumper! Xo

  18. love and need this skirt! x

  19. Mat

    the skirt’s got a pretty cool hemline

  20. OMG I am obsessed with your sweater!!
    I would love for you to visit my blog sometime!!

  21. such a cute look, I love that sweater!

    XO Sahra

  22. That jumper is always one of my faves. Glad to hear you’ve got a holiday booked, I’m sure you’ll have a fab time xxx

  23. Super cute! Fabulous outfit on you.

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