Dreaming of a Summer Holiday

I can’t remember the last time I went on holiday, even in this country (I’m thinking at least five years) and as for a sunny holiday abroad, that was even longer ago!

With a rare bit of idle browsing time, I found myself looking at villa holidays; sun on my skin, sand in my toes, the sound of waves gently breaking against the shore…YES PLEASE!


Kos perhaps? The swings have swung it for me!


Maybe Madeira? I certainly like the cake.


Possibly even Rhodes…I did a day trip there when I was 13 and in Turkey with my family. It was enchanting and I’d love to go back.

When was the last time you had a holiday?
Are you jetting off this year?
What has been your best holiday so far?

I don’t think I’ll be heading abroad this year, I just can’t afford it; or get the time off work. I am hoping to get a break down in Brighton with my Mum though, and have plans to visit a few friends in various towns/cities as and when I can! That’ll do for me, for now.

18 comments for “Dreaming of a Summer Holiday

  1. I wish I could go away! It’s all I dream about. Hot sunny days relaxing I cant think of anything better 🙂 It’s good to get away too, even just the change of scenery is nice.

    I don’t have a best holiday but I guess travelling round Europe for 5weeks wins 🙂 Cant wait to do something similar again and go back to Amsterdam that’s very high on my list 🙂

  2. We are going to Tenerife in July and I cannot wait.

    I have been to The Algarve, Lanzarote and Majorca

    I would like to go to Greece or Cyrpus though. xx

  3. I only got back from India four days ago and am already planning my next trip.
    I live to travel. xxx

  4. 2bh i think this kind of visiting-everyone-i-can holiday is one of the best kinds, although I certainly wouldn’t refuse a month in the med. SIGH. that would be fab.
    Lot’s of sunshine. And beach Balls.


  5. We went to Rhodes last year, and there is literally NOTHING to do on that island, although it is beautiful. If you like shopping, love swimming, and enjoy having a wander around at night, sitting on the beach with a glass of sangria (or whatever tickles your fancy), enjoying a meal out at many a restaurant along the beach front, then it definitely has to be Spain (Im thinking Majorca, Mallorca, Fuerteventura, etc!). My mother enjoys her holiday, and we go abroad every year…and you honestly cant beat a typical package holiday to spain! It is THE BEST all rolled into one! DO IT!

    <3 x

  6. Last time I went abroad was a couple of years ago and I went to Cyprus – a beautiful hot sunny island with great swimming pools and the best salads ever – but apart from swimming and eating there really isn’t much to do…but the weather is really great in England at the moment so grab some massive sunglasses and a paddling pool and sit in your garden with your feet in the water and pretend you’re abroad – its much cheaper 🙂



  7. I havent been on holiday for about 5 years either , I dream about it alllll the time though xx

  8. I’m jetting off in to LA in exactly 10 days but it’s not all glitz and glam as I’m going to be working in a gibbon sanctuary for a month and then afterwards the parents fly out for a week and we’re meeting in Vegas for some fun times, I can’t wait!

    My last holiday will be exactly a year on the day I fly to LA, China was such an awesome time for me my first holiday completely alone and probably my best, I still talk about it every day and OMG I miss those noodles (and the pandas of course) BEST.NOODLES.EVER!!!

    Madrid and Barcelona are probably my fave places in europe and still quite cheap to get to so if you get a chance a weekend in Spain is a must!

  9. I couldn’t recommend less of Madeira, it’s a paradise, all year round! Of course anywhere in Portugal in the summer is lovely too.
    Though I’m dreaming of some vacation on some Greek islands!

  10. Go to Rhodes, it’s amazing! I last went away to Turkey last October, really want to go away!

    I’m not going on holiday this year as we may go to the Carribean next year…!!


    p.s. happy birthday for tomorrow!

  11. I love hot places where I can lie on a beach, or sit outside a cafe. Husband likes cold cultural places. We compromise on where we go but with children we don’t usually go to places we want to!

    Any holiday is fun though.


  12. Ah the sun is these pictures is making me jealous! So lovely looking!

  13. Well our China honeymoon was the last holiday but before that it had been 3 years I think. I don’t really do sunny holidays as I bur too easily but I love cultural ones. Why not road trip, do you drive? You are more than welcome to come stay with us in Wales for a few days if you want, I can take you to the beach!

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  14. I’m going to Chicago for the entire Summer. Excited doesn’t even cover how I’m feeling about it!!! British holidays can be amazing as well. Maybe try Cornwall? By the way, when I clicked onto your site I got a “phishing warning”…? It’s probably just my computer but thought I should let you know. I’m a regular visitor and it’s never happened before so it probably is just a problem with my browser or something!xx

  15. I don’t know if we will be going abroad this year. I am lucky to be able to stay at my mum and dads place in Tenerife but the flights still cost loads for a family of four. I have some camping trips planned and a festival.

  16. I went to Kos about 9 years ago, it was absolutely beautiful, Crete was lovely too, soooo hot though!

  17. Awww you really deserve a tropical getaway! I hope you are able to take one soon…if not this year, then next. Traveling to little towns sounds like fun too though! 🙂

    My parents have been talking about going to Florida this year and I hope they will take me along. Hehe.

    I have never been abroad! I can’t afford it on my own and my dad is scared of flying over the ocean. (He did it once and refuses to do it again, sigh).

  18. I know the feeling, I could really do with a holiday but my family can’t afford it at the moment. Maybe next year. Ideally I’d like to go somewhere with a white, sandy beach and some palm trees. My dream destination would the Maldives. xxx