Dreaming of Summer

Well, hasn’t the weather this week been a total let down? I had kind of hoped that it’d be nice on the week before I return to work so I could get out, get walking and on my bike and make sure my core muscles are as strong as they can be. Instead I’ve been pottering about the house, playing dress up and bemoaning the fact there is no way I’ll get abroad this year.
Swimsuit: Ted Baker c/o Simply Beach  | Cardigan: Asda | Shorts: Matalan | Shoes c/o Sun Jellies
How beautiful is this swimsuit? I wasn’t really sure how to present it on the blog as I am not one of those to stand merely in swimwear, I just don’t have the balls for that. Instead I decided to pretend I was about to lounge around on a beach and chucked on a pair of Mum’s denim shorts from Matalan, some ASOS sparkly sunnies and a cardigan from Asda (because it was cold inside!)
I remember a few years ago when jelly shoes first made a re-appearance swearing that they were one thing that were staying in my past for good. My resolve clearly weakened this season as they are everywhere, and these from Sun Jellies are just so cute and so comfortable. I don’t know whether to hate myself a bit for the fact I love them so much. These are THE original jelly shoes and they come in such a cute array of colours, I couldn’t help but cave in!
Whilst I might not be getting abroad this year I might manage to get a UK break in- where are your favourite places to go?


10 comments for “Dreaming of Summer

  1. Rebecca Young

    So pleased that you are retuning to work next week – you do look well!
    You can have really good holidays in the UK. I am a firm believer that you can’t beat the South West – Somerset, Devon & Cornwall – It’s where I live and I may be a little biased but we have everything from city life, historic buildings, national parks, wonderful beaches and beautiful scenery!!

  2. Thats a very pretty swimsuit hun. Britain is a beautiful place to holiday and Rebecca says Devon & Cornwall are lovely. That stye one nice thing with being able to just hook up and explore we seem to be seeing a different part of the country each month. (As we try to get away at least one weekend a month.)

    My favourite place to jet off to is Mexico, absolutely love the place. But I will have to just dream of it this year.

    X x

  3. I second Devon – it’s a lovely place to visit if you can’t go abroad!

    Jelly shoes are the best. I used to love them because you could wear them in the sea!

    I need to get a few more swim suits for Florida =)

    Corinne x

  4. Get yourself to Brighton! Full of cliches and often packed but still a gorgeous place 😀 Love that swimsuit…I’m not a bikini girl at all but I find it so hard to find a good one piece. This one is gorgeous! xxx

  5. I love Scotland for UK breaks that or Northumberland, very pretty around those parts!

  6. Laura you look fab I do love that top its so pretty xx

  7. Sheryl

    Gorgeous! You rock that swimsuit girl!

  8. You look amazing! Personally I like York, but it’s not a beachy place :P. I’ve heard Whitby is nice

  9. Amy

    That swimsuit is adorable!
    You should defiantly strut around in it you have a lovely figure.
    I’m pretty disappointed with the weather too I have so many cute playsuits and shorts that I want to crack out :/ hopefully summer is around the corner.



  10. Oh geez, those shoes are just so lovely! Makes me crave some warmer weather!