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Well look at me on a roll with the beauty posts, although this one also includes a little bit of my other current non-fashion obsession- interiors. I’m spending an unhealthy amount of time browsing online for both homewares/furniture as well as beauty products, both of which are so far outside of my current budget I don’t know why I do it to myself.
I’ve always wanted an illuminated bathroom mirror, I’ve used them in hotels and they are brilliant for makeup application and general beautification. Right now I’m loving the idea of having a bathroom cabinet that doubles up as an illuminated mirror, such as this HIB Tissano Silver Illuminated Bathroom Cabinet which would look pretty snazzy in any bathroom worth bathing in and is space saving too as it’s both storage and functional
The Space.NK. website has become a bit of an unhealthy obsession of late. My recent foray in to some higher end beauty and skin products has left me wanting more and everything in the images above comes from here (hover over the images for details of each product). Haircare is usually an area I prefer to save in, having picked up some recent gems in 99p shops but my hair is feeling a bit battered lately and not looking it’s best since switching from red to purple so in an ideal world I’d be investing in something a bit more luxurious for it.
I’ve fallen out of the habit of long, luxurious soaks in the bath, having had a bad back for months and months they have become purely functional but I’m now finding myself craving an hour of peace and quiet with candles burning and a good book, leaving me feeling fragrant and refreshed. I’ve used Laura Mercier makeup in the past and loved it so I have pretty high hopes that gorgeous looking bath and shower products are to the same high standard.
Let me know if you’ve used any of the products I’ve featured, or what others I should be dreaming of owning, maybe later in the year I might be enjoying pampering myself with some of them- the cabinet however will have to wait for some time yet!


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  1. That is a really neat cabinet, we’ve just put a house offer in for a house that has an awful bath atm, well maybe not awful, it’s not a horrid colour, it was just never finished when the house was redone and they never got around to finishing it, so there’s a broken cabinet that’s just hideous. But yeah, i’m totally with you on home wear and house decor lusting at the moment!