Dress down Friday

It seems to be general consensus that on Friday one is entitled to  dress a little more casually for work (whilst still keeping it decent). With that in mind I’ve opted for classic trousers paired with a more slouchy top than I would usually wear…

Of course, it is pouring with rain. The footwear will be switched for boots and changed hastily on arrival. A cardigan and full on water proof will be added, and by the time I get to work I will probably still look like a drowned rat and have eyeliner down my face and my hair scraped back. Oh how I just love British summer time.



The trousers are from the now defunct Jane Norman. An absolute steal at £12. The top is another of the £5 basics from Topshop. Bonus that the tall range was included in the offer so no belly showing for me!

Apologies for the somewhat lacklustre attempts at blogging this week, one way or another it’s turned out to be a mad one, and I am looking forward to a weekend of doing nothing. At all. Except maybe sleep. And catch up on home things.

7 days till my week off…let the count down begin!


24 comments for “Dress down Friday

  1. beautiful trousers!


  2. those trousers are so classic. I’m so annoyed that style doesn’t suit me.

  3. looking gorgeous as ever I used to love jane norman but their sies annoy me. xx

  4. Love it! Those trousers are great! This weather makes dressing an absolute pain doesn’t it! x

  5. I really do like this outfit, very pretty! I have the same tshirt but in black with a white bow !

  6. lovely outfit! i wish i didn’t have to wear a uniform to work xx

  7. I love this outfit – so simple yet smart enough for work!

  8. Love those classic trousers. They look great on you! And love how you paired them.

  9. Love this outfit, looks gorgeous on you!!

  10. I don’t know why your so conscious of yourself in trousers, I think you absolutely rock them, and would give the world for the length of your legs!


  11. Love those trousers on you, I hope you have a sunny weekend 🙂

  12. Such a simple and relaxed outfit. Looks so comfy 🙂

  13. your top is just adorable! xx

  14. I want pants like these in a bright colour like hot pink or mustard yellow. too strange

    Bright Green Laces

  15. I love it. Casual but tailored and stylish. Looking fab!


  16. I love this workwear and casual combination, you look lovely as always xxx

  17. Love the trews m’dear. And WOO for tall section clothes. I should probably buy from there more…I tend to forget [I know…I’m a noob] x

  18. I definitely have trouser envy; wish that style suited me they look great on you!



  19. Those trousers look fab, and i love the top in that caolourway. Have a fabby weekend Laura x

  20. Love this outfit on you! I often get things from the Tall section just because they are long enough, I hate too short dresses!

    Maria xxx

  21. I love this outfit on you, really, really suits you x

  22. Anonymous

    im worried about you, you are such a lovely girl and you blog so well. i’m worried how thin you have got over the last few months. I know its none of my business and im sorry for saying it but please keep an eye on it lovely lady. You’ve worked so hard don’t let it slip you are worth so much more!