Expect the un-expected with CyberCandy

This is my second review for CyberCandy as part of their blogger family. Technically this isn’t my review as I passed this chocolate on to my Grandad to try as he is more of an expert than I on the art of fine chocolate.

My interest was ignited when this Peach and Pecan bar by Chocolove turned up and I am a little sad to admit I didn’t try it myself, however, the Grandfather did and he thought it wonderful,

“I enjoyed this chocolate which I found to be smooth and creamy,  with a hint of tangy sweetness from the peach, and a satisfying crunch from the pecan”.

He is a man of few words but those he does speak are the truth and this is high praise indeed; this man knows good food and he is not often quite so complimentary (unless it’s my home baking, of course!). On the topic of baking I am feeling inspired to experiment with the combination of peach and pecan..it sounds like it would make a fabulous flapjack or cake, maybe with some chocolate chunks thrown in for good measure.

Chocolate fans simply must try this, and whilst you’re at it I’d treat yourself to a few bits from the newly arrived Christmas collection,
a bar of this will be sneaking in to my festive order and I promise faithfully not to share!

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What chocolate combinations have you tried and loved?


Cheers anon for the grammar lesson, apparently a girl can no longer make an oversight.

13 comments for “Expect the un-expected with CyberCandy

  1. That seems an unusual combo; peach and pecan. I think I might of insisted on a share it sounds so nice!

  2. Anonymous

    ” and whilst your at it”

    if ‘you’re’ going to blog and promote brands, you should probably know a bit of basic grammar.

    It is you’re = you are
    not your = your (insert belonging etc)


  3. Well I think this is a great review. Props to your grandad for a fab description of the chocolate, I’d love to try some! yum!

    XO Amie

  4. I don’t even like nuts but this has grabbed my interest!

  5. Awesome, awesome blogpost!

    I don’t think I could’ve shared, let alone pass this bar on to anyone though. Sounds divine;)


  6. Mmm, that sounds really nice. Also, people really shouldn’t post rude comments anomalously 🙁 rude comments make me angry and sad. They shouldn’t post them anyway but if they are going to at least they shouldn’t be a coward about it. x

  7. You are SO lucky! Gosh I wish I was a blogger for Cyber Candy.. I LOVE Cyber Candy and whenever I’m feeling depressed and US Sick (it’s the opposite of home sick lolz) I place an order to cheer myself up!

    This sounds like the kinda bar my mother would love!

    Amy x whatamydidnxt.blogspot.co.uk

  8. Ahh this sounds divine, I keep spotting Cyber Candy on blogs, think I’m gonna have to place a sneaky Christmas order 🙂

  9. This sounds very interesting! Definitely want to try it. Xx