Experiments with Extensions with Dirty Looks

It probably hasn’t escaped anyone’s notice that I’m a bit of a novice (to say the least) when it comes to hair, I take a wash and go approach- perhaps venturing in to the world of straighteners or tongs when I’m feeling really brave.

Dirty Looks asked me to do a “how-to” guide using some of their clip in hair extensions . I was a little reluctant at first, I’ve never considered using hair extensions before and I assumed they would be far beyond my capabilities, but in the spirit of things I decided to give it a go.

I had intended to do a step-by-step picture guide on how to use the extensions, but what I actually ended up with was a written guide + a few end results photos. Have you ever attempted to photograph yourself doing your own hair when your tripod has gone AWOL and no-one is around to help you? One word: impossible!
The first hurdle to overcome with the extensions was picking the right shade. I went for the colour “spiced auburn” in a 16″ to 18″ length. It turned out to be a pretty good match, although my current hair colour is currently a little darker, but as my hair is quite multi-tonal they blended in pretty well.

The box that arrived contained 7 wefts of various sizes- from one clip, to four. I wasn’t really sure where to start, but decided to try and work things out for my self and started by brushing out my hair so it was mostly straight, rather than my usual mass of waves as I felt things would blend better.

I used clips to divide my hair in to two sections, roughly top half and bottom half. My hair is really thick so I knew there would be plenty for the clips to grip on to, but people with finer hair might need to create some volume first!

I took the largest of the wefts, which contained four clips and positioned that along the divide in my hair, carefully snapping it in place. I found the clips really easy to use, both getting the extensions in and out- that was a relief as anything complex makes me want to give up! I then released the top section of my hair and gave it shake so it fell naturally over the extensions before adding in smaller wefts under my pre-existing layers to add volume and length.

These photos are after my first ever attempt so things aren’t looking their absolute best but I have promised myself I will practice and get to grips with these as it was brilliant to have longer, healthier looking hair and that bit of added volume.

If you have used clip-in extensions before then I’d really appreciate some hints and tips from you! If you haven’t then I would say don’t be afraid, invest in a decent set (mine was £89.99 for the full set but looked and felt amazing, and I do believe you get what you pay for) and have a play around. In hind sight I would have gone for the home-dye colour option for a more natural effect, but red hair is so variable anyway I think I got away with it!

This post was bought to you in collaboration with Dirty Looks. I wish I had managed to do a better guide for you and for them, but I don’t have a fancy photography set up or a live in photographer any more…hopefully someone will find it helpful though!


5 comments for “Experiments with Extensions with Dirty Looks

  1. I used to use hair extensions all the time but then I went for ombre hair and they wont work now haha!
    I wish i had some tips for you, but I just clipped them in an hoped for the best 🙂
    I think they look really nice on you though Laura, you suit long hair.

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  2. Loving the look! I’ve never been brave enough to try then but both my girls do.]

    X x

  3. You look ace here, they match really well!

    Maria xxx

  4. Jennifer

    I had no idea either on how to properly clip them either, but here is some, hopefully, helpful tips:
    Starting at the nape of your neck, after section of a thin layer of your hair apply the first clip which is the three clipped extensions.
    The next section should be from ear to ear. Apply another three clipped extensions.
    Separate hair from the crown of your head and this is where you are going to fit the four clipped one.
    The remaining four wefts will be fitted on the sides of your head(two on the left and two on the right).
    For these simply section hair above your ear to insert one clip on the hairline and then release the hair to do the same above that inserted clip. Mirror the same actions for the opposite side.
    I really hope that this help(and made some sort of sense!) if you are still confused the website should have some instructions or head over to Youtube- there are are ton of useful tutorials! Have a great day.

  5. I’ve never tried out hair extensions before but they can look really good on some people. You really suit longer hair! xxx