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Fashion East designer Maarten van der Horst teams up with TOTAL Greek
Yoghurt to create 100 lunch pots for Action for Children
TOTAL Greek Yoghurt and fashion designer Maarten van der Horst have
joined forces to create a limited edition run of 100 custom designed Black +
Blum lunch pots.

All proceeds from the sale of the pots go directly to TOTAL Greek Yoghurt’s
chosen charity, Action for Children.

Just 100 pots, designed by the fashion designer who single-handedly
brought about the Hawaiian shirt resurgence, will be on sale for £25 from
the Black + Blum website.

Maarten van der Horst was given a blank canvas to create the ultimate
lunch pot for today’s fashion-conscious woman on the go, taking inspiration
from the 100% natural Greek import.

The result was a partnership with Black + Blum and a return to vibrant,
colourful and playful collages that mixed his signature style with the fresh
and natural ingredients often enjoyed with a pot of TOTAL Greek Yoghurt.

Speaking of the design Maarten van der Horst said:
“When creating the design, I decided to return to the floral prints that have
become synonymous with my designs since the Hawaiian shirt featured in
my first collection. The fresh and colorful print for TOTAL Greek Yoghurt
and Action for Children features elements of my latest London Fashion
Week collection and signals a movement away from the monochrome looks
seen at my last show.”

The Maarten van der Horst for TOTAL Greek Yoghurt lunch pots are
designed to have an ingenious watertight locking seal, synonymous
with Black & Blum’s classic Lunch range. The two containers combine
to make one container, allowing users to separate their yoghurt and
accompaniment – be that fruit, granola or honey – without danger of

Last month, the Dutch-born Central Saint Martins’ graduate and Fashion
East designer presented his SS13 collection with a anti-consumerism
theme. However, his work with TOTAL Greek Yoghurt has seem him return
to the florals he has become synonymous with over his first two Fashion
East collections, in order to create his first-ever food packaging.

Alison White, PR and Social Media Manager at TOTAL Greek Yoghurt, said:
“Lunchtime has never been more hip. We are proud to be working
with one of the brightest stars in the fashion world to make enjoying
a tasty breakfast or snack of TOTAL Greek Yoghurt the thing to do at
London Fashion Week. Our yoghurt is authentic, high in protein, low in
fat and completely natural – perfect for London fashionistas on the go.
Consequently, we hope that Martin’s 100 lunch pot accessories become the
must-have item this spring!”

The 100 limited edition Maarten van der Horst for TOTAL Greek Yoghurt
Black + Blum pots cost £25 and are available exclusively from

TOTAL Greek Yoghurt is available nationwide.

As a fan of TOTAL Greek Yoghurt I couldn’t resist sharing this fabulous collaboration. If it was payday already I’d totally (haa) be snapping one up!
How do you eat your Greek Yoghurt? My forever favourite is with granola…or sometimes I change it up and add peanut butter and raisins. Yum.

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  1. I want one of these so much! Just wrote a review bout how amazing the total greek yoghurt split pots are then i seen this!

  2. I am a big fan of greek yoghurt and honey myself!

    These pots look lovely, they’d definitely make me grab a pot!

  3. Thanks for sharing this article, I will be looking forward to read more of your posts.

  4. Sounds great! I am sure that it will be a great product. I cant wait to try it. I personally love this yogurt 🙂