Fashionable Fuel; 9 bars

9 bars aren’t a new product, they’ve been around for a while and enjoyed many a time by myself and thousands of others.
They’ve recently had a bit of a makeover, and a taste of the high life as they fuelled back-stage at the Erdem fashion show during LFW.

“Taking place in a futuristic fashion iglu in Manchester Square the collection showed a departure from the floral prints so synonymous with previous seasons and saw an introduction of python, whilst holding on to the feminine silhouettes for which the designer has become famous. Backstage the models, crew and hair and makeup teams were fuelled through the spectacular show by the latest must have for fashion week – 9bars. These delicious, seed based snack bars are chock full of slow release energy to keep the fashionistas fuelled throughout the busy morning of prep and the tension of the show itself, and being full of seeds they even help keep the models looking their best thanks to the high levels of omega oils which keep skin, hair and nails healthy – a real must have during a frantic fashion week!

The 9bar range is available from Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda, Morrison’s, Holland & Barrett and independent health food stores nationwide. All varieties are available in 4 x 40g multi packs, RRP £1.89, and in 50g singles, RRP 70p”
The folk at 9 bar were kind enough to send me a few samples to try too, although my endorsement can’t compare to high flying fashionistas!
My personal favourites are the Pumpkin bar (the sweeter, lighter bar in the range with no carob topping, these make a great breakfast on the run), and the Original, jam packed full of seeds and goodness with a great contrasting texture thanks to the smooth carob topping.

The bars are handmade in Wales and so good for you it’s unreal. The bars are all gluten, dairy and wheat free so perfect for pretty much everyone and brilliant for stashing in your handbag for a hectic day!

Have you tried 9bars before? Which is your favourite?


6 comments for “Fashionable Fuel; 9 bars

  1. I freakin’ love 9 bars I nearly always have one in my purse in case of snacking emergencies! xoxo

  2. I had forgotten about these! Thank you for reminding me they exist – they are so tasty! Definitely me favourite kind of cereal bar xo

  3. I totally forgot about these! Will definitely pick some up for my 9-6 lecture days! x

  4. Mat

    never heard of them, will have to look out for them

  5. I freakin love 9 bars, I wish they would make some vegan versions other than the peanut one, because I can’t have peanuts and I used to loveee the seed ones!

  6. These look so good but they’re not vegan 🙁 Really disappointed!