Bracelet c/o Jon Richard, New Look top, Bershka skirt via Vente-Privee, Flatforms c/o Miss Ikon.

I love a good maxi skirt, especially one that creates a really satisfying swish when you walk just like this Bershka beauty does. I fell in love with the brand in Spain and when Vente-Privee had a sale on I used it as the perfect chance to stock up on basics; I ended up with the skirt, two tops, a pair of jeans and an umbrella for under £30. You have to wait a while for delivery but it’s so worth it!

TGIF! This week has raced past at a dizzying pace and I am more than ready for the weekend and a lie-in! Just a ten hour shift to get through and then the PJs will go on and relaxation can begin!

How was your week been? Have you shopped with Vente-Privee before?


13 comments for “swish

  1. love that skirt, such a lot of lovely material x

  2. Anonymous

    Just been on your blog after not being on blogs for a wee while so here iam doing the rounds, ive read your posts and gone a couple back but just wanted to say your looking so good and your hair shorter is such a massive good difference

    p.s love the skirt

  3. love the skirt, matches your hair very nicely indeed xx

  4. If I was wearing the skirt I’d definitely be swishing all day! x

  5. I love these shoes, I haven’t like flatforms before now but you may have convinced me! Love your hair too, it looks great!

    Maria xxx

  6. Very pretty skirt 🙂


  7. I too thought that the skirt shade was a great hair match! And yes, the generous fabric makes it look satisfyingly swishy.

  8. Such a beautifuul outfit! I love maxi skirts but being short I can never find any that I can wear without tripping over.

  9. Ahh how gorge is that top? Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend xxx

  10. Love this outfit!
    Enjopy your relaxing, my PJs are already on!

  11. Wow, I love that skirt!


  12. Love the skirt! It looks really fun to wear x