This set of photos is from way back on Easter Monday, which feels like a life time ago now. It was a family affair that day, being the two year anniversary of my Nan’s death we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and paid a trip to the local seafront, a place where many a Summer day was spent when I was growing up and it remains a place I love to visit for the happy memories it evokes.
Top: New Look | Dress: Primark | Boots: c/o Missguided
This outfit compromises of some of my favourite pieces right now. I have serious seperation anxiety when it comes to this Primark dress, I can’t stop wearing it and for a fiver I wish I had bought a couple after spending so long searching for the perfect one. That’s exactly what I did with this top which comes in dozens of colours- I already own it in baby blue, cream and black and will most likely add in a few brights by the end of the Summer. It’s perfect for layering and is the perfect length & smart enough for work.
I’m also living in these pink cut out boots out of work at the moment. They are so seriously comfortable, it’ll take a tropical heat wave to prise me out of these.
I’m over half way through my week off work, I almost cancelled it when I went back from sick leave but actually, I’m glad I didn’t. It’s tradition for me to take the week of my birthday as holiday and it’s been a lovely chance to catch up with people and do things I couldn’t do post-op…not to mention a chance to re-charge my batteries. With no more leave planned for the forseeable, and no holiday to look forward to I’ve been making the best of this week and I’m determined to make it through to the Autumn without booking any more leave (and well in to the next decade before I have any more sick leave!)
What do you like to do with a week off work? What are you living in right now?


6 comments for “Favourites

  1. I need cut out boots don’t I? I love boots and this makes them so practical for warmer months…
    Lovely outfit Laura x

  2. I have a week off next week, but true to early summer tradition, I’m business sitting for my parents. Not exactly R&R but at least I get their house to myself for a week! Sick leave for me this week, thanks to a really unpleasant chest infection thing, dragged myself into work today, but how long I’ll last is probably worth my team setting a sweepstake up on!

    Loving your cut out boots, not sure they’d look as cool on me, but they are pretty damn awesome.

  3. I hope you and your family had a lovely day remembering your Nan, it’s always nice to take these kind of days (anniversaries, birthdays) to remember. You look so pretty and I do love this dress on you, I think you should go back for another one in case it gets worn out! I hope you enjoy the rest of your time off, and get to do plenty of fun things! When I have a week off I like to make sure I arrange a day out or two to places I’ve been meaning to go to but haven’t gotten round to it, like the seaside or a lovely park. Xxx

  4. Love the cut out boots. If I had a week off work I think I could quite happily spend it sleeping!

  5. I’m still not sold on the cut out boot trend, if I’m honest, but the pink colour is lovely!
    I have embarked on Me Made May, so for this month I’ll be living in my home-sewn dresses.
    I would love a week off but it’s not going to happen. Things are so crazy at the moment that it looks as though I’ll be in work for the whole of the bank holiday weekend 🙁

  6. Love this outfit, that dress is really lovely on you!

    Maria xxx