Welcome to yet another round-up of some of my instagram snaps from the last few weeks. If you hate this kind of post then do click away now; I’m personally a nosy sod so love seeing what people have been up to!
So, what has April taught me? I’ve totally learnt that Easter without anorexia in my life is so much more fun…and that I’m slightly obsessed with snapping my snacks (I do eat meals too!). I also take far too many photos of Mae and have a bit too much love for Breaking Bad!
How has your month looked? Leave links below…you can see more of my snaps by following me on Instagram…leave links to yours below as well.


3 comments for “Instalife

  1. You can never take too many photographs of Mae – she’s a cutie. I love kitty yawns, looks like they could swallow me whole sometimes though!

  2. aww Mae is lovely x

  3. Alex

    Mae is so cute 🙂 x