Fighting Fit with Sweaty Betty

I’m really excited to be able to start getting fit again, after years of being too unwell to exercise followed by a broken foot and dodgy back I’m itching to get back out there. Part of the recovery from my surgery involves exercise, to strengthen my core muscles to help reduce the risk of the problem happening again and again.

My consultant recommended two main exercises to me- pilates and cycling and these are the two I’m going to pursue the most, but it time I plan to add in some yoga, gentle jogging and well, whatever else takes my fancy! I already walk everywhere which is a start, I suppose, after a few weeks off my feet.

Anyway, with new exercise adventures comes a need for new exercise gear and my shop of choice for this is Sweaty Betty, especially for the cycling and pilates.

I’ve put together a little wishlist of the kit I’d buy if I had an endless budget. As it stands, I don’t and I’ll probably be making do with a decent sports bra as a starting point, like the Upbeat Padded Bra featured above.

For cycling I’m thinking that a decent, streamlined top (I’ve picked the acceleration cycle top) plus waterproof trousers and a jacket are pretty sensible. I never used to believe in waterproofs…as a care free teenage cylist I didn’’t much care if I got soaked to the skin but these days I guess I’ve grown up and I really don’t fancy getting to my destination resembling a drowned rat.

Pilates wise you can’t go wrong with some comfortable leggings and a pretty camisole. Again, I must be growing up as I used to rock up at the gym wearing whatever I found that look vaguely suitable. I currently have my eye on the fabulously patterned Chandrasana leggings and this shell pink yoga cami.

I can’t wait to get back out there, I just need to start working on building up the perfect kit, and with a Birthday coming up in a couple of months I’ll be starting with Sweaty Betty.


7 comments for “Fighting Fit with Sweaty Betty

  1. Loving the look of those blue leggings! Cute picks x

  2. Good luck with recovery and getting back into exercise! I really want to start Pilates, my mum goes and loves it…she said it’s really helped her back xxx

  3. Good luck with it! The cycling top is pretty! My bike is,feeling v neglected. Not rode her properly for ages! X

  4. I love cycling along the Bristol to Bath cycle path – if you’re not a fan of cycling on roads then I thoroughly recommend it! I love SB clothes – if only I had a limitless budget! They actually do free fitness events in store so it might be worth checking out what’s going on in the Bristol one x

  5. Loving your selection.

    I cannot emphasise a padded bra enough, no matter what the temperature I seems to be able to maintain the “smuggling smarties look”!!! I need to find a shock absorber strength run bra thats padded and Ill be happy.

  6. I really enjoy cycling but I must admit, I don’t really have a decent enough kit to do it in.

    Buckets & Spades

  7. Ooooooooooooh you’ve picked some awesome kit there. Yay for cycling- you know I’m all over that. I recommend wholeheartedly cycling tights/leggings rather than waterproof trousers for cycling- I find them more comfy and they dry out super quick even if you do get wet. Super jealous of all this kit- I’d spend a fortune if I had an unlimited budget. Currently saving up for a decent pair of new cycling tights to bridge the winter/spring gap though. *sigh*