The dress I wore yesterday is another recent ASOS purchase…and yet another purchases aided by Twitter…I swear I would not be able to make a decision without you guys!

I think this has become my feel good dress, as soon as I put it on I knew it was a keeper and it became my work outfit for yesterday.




I have had cravings for a shirt dress for a while, but most I found were too short…or just…bland (although I am a sucker for the sleeveless versions around right now). This floral one met my needs perfectly and it is suitable for both work and play….and a perfect length!

I accessorised with another of my London Wishes pieces and flower ring from Jon Richard



And finally got around to swapping my earrings for a different pair (does anyone else sleep in their earrings no matter what type? I ALWAYS forget to take mine out)


Today I am a little bit full of snot and wearing full on comfort clothes (the work version, of course) hence posting yesterdays outfit only! Colds in Spring should be BANNED…

Anyone else sniffling?


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  1. Love the butterfly necklace πŸ™‚ I definitely ALWAYS sleep in my earrings. Don’t even know when I last changed mine. Spring colds are rubbish – feel better soon! xxx

  2. Very pretty! Hope you feel better soon. x

  3. Hope you feel better, your dress is gorgous and the butterfly necklace is so sweet

  4. You are so gorgeous! This does look like the perfect length to me πŸ™‚ Hope you feel better soon love <3 xxx

  5. That dress looks so comfortable! Hope your cold goes away soon. I had a cold at the start of the year when it was stinking hot. Not fun at all! X

  6. That dress is fabulous, it is such a pretty shape and it really suits you, smart for work but with an air of playfulness.
    Hope that pesky cold goes soon. xxx

  7. Oh colds are a pest! Hope you feel better soon. I have a house full of sickys at the moment!

    Thats such a versatile dress. Suitable for both work and play like you said. The colours in it are fab.

    I’m as bad as you for sleeping in my earrings! I’m trying to get better, if only to wear some of the many pairs I have1

    X x

  8. LOVE the dress! Definitely a good purchase, it’s lovely! Perfect for the sunshine! xx

  9. Really pretty dress πŸ™‚ when I sleep with earrngs in my ears are SO sore the next day!

  10. Love your dress! I’m looking for knee length dresses but never find what I’m looking for. I’m so anal I must remove my earrings before bed. I’d have a hissyfit if I thought I’d left them in!

  11. i LOVE the ring! x

  12. Love the floral dress, definitely the best choice! πŸ™‚
    Feel better sooon!
    I always forget to wear earrings at all.

  13. Oh Laura that is a lovely frock. Bravo the Twitter bunch for talking you into it!

  14. Lovely dress, looks great on your Laura! xx

  15. This dress is lovely! I too have a spring cold – I hate them! Just when you want to go frolic outside…

  16. Love the dress!!

  17. you look so pretty.
    the dress fits perfectly to you πŸ™‚

    xo lala


  18. I hope you feel better soon lovely, how rotten to have a cold when the sun is starting to shine!
    The dress looks fab and I really like the necklace.
    I never take my earring out… I rarely change them actually. I find that all the styles I like are huge… they’d be just what I was looking for if they were half the size! Fussy? Moi? Absolutely ;O)

  19. Love the style and pattern of the dress, so summery!

    I’ve got a cold too πŸ™ had it for a week and wish it would go away.

    x x x

  20. That dress is lovely and the length is perfect on you. The butterfly pendant is cute too xx

  21. That dress is beautiful! It really suits you.

    I too am filled with snot and pretty disgusting things, why oh why did we get colds as soon as Spring is finally here?!

  22. My allergies are starting up, no fun. Especially considering it’s a blizzard outside!

  23. Gorgeous dress Laura. Very nice on you. The earrings and ring are so pretty and perfect together. x

  24. You need to let me know if you ever have am Ebay garage sale. (0:
    Colds should be banned all year rounds.

  25. You need to let me know if you ever have am Ebay garage sale. (0:
    Colds should be banned all year rounds.
    I love that necklace

  26. I was sniffling all last week too – i feel your pain! However, if it’s any consolation, this dress is so beautiful – i love the pinks and greens together, it’s such a delicate print πŸ™‚

    and BALLS yes it was w.mids safari park! Loved your story, my story involves monkeys, windscreen wipers, screaming and a very angry auntie…bad danni.

  27. What a pretty!


  28. Mia

    Love that dress on you, suits so well. You could wear it for day or night too, always a good thing x

  29. Love the dress, definetely spring mood! =)


  30. Bex

    Adore the dress, honey!
    Hope you feel better soon xo

  31. Gorgeous dress! It looks so beautiful on you. πŸ™‚ I love your butterfly necklace as well. Oooh and the rose ring. Sigh. xoxo

  32. Such a pretty dress. I love the print.


  33. Sorry you are feeling yucky lovely, you don’t look yucky though you look fab in that frock!
    Kandi x

  34. Pretty, that dress is a lovely length on you. Hope you feel better soon x

  35. Pretty ring, I have some earrings like it! I don’t often sleep with earrings in but sometimes when I do I take them out in my sleep!

  36. Really pretty dress, I remember seeing it when I was browsing their pages!

  37. That’s a really pretty dress! Am tempted to get one myself!

  38. amazing dress,you suit it really well! x

  39. like the dress! I can’t sleep in earrings, find it uncomfortable, I can’t remember the last time i had a cold! (touching wood!) hope you feel better soonxx

  40. hey Laura, I just tagged you for a Kreativ Blogger award πŸ™‚

  41. Ooooh, it looks soooooo preeetty on you! Excellent choice- very Cath Kidston which is always a winner with me! Also the necklace is charming!
    Sorry about the cold- it’s wrong that such irksome things should exist amongst sunshine and blossom. Keep drinking lots of liquids and sleep as much as is poss!

  42. Love the pretty necklace and rose ring! Also hope you feel better soon, I hate colds so much!

  43. Cute blog!
    Love your floral dress!
    Want to follow each other?

  44. You look goregeous in that dress! I totally agree – colds should be banned in spring! I think I’ve got one coming on too πŸ™

  45. I have a spring cold too. Hope you feel better soon. Love the dress and the butterfly necklace, can’t wait to breakout my floral dresses.

  46. You’re so pretty in these pictures. I love your floral dress and your butterfly necklace! I love the way you styled your hair when you wore this outfit. I think it’s absolute perfection. πŸ˜‰