Spring in My Step

Once again I have shoes on the brain…
With the recent beautiful weather has come a lusting for anything other than boots on my feet and right now I am really feeling wedges and chunky heels for style AND most importantly, comfort.
I’m tall, so I don’t need heels as such (unlike my Mum who refuses to leave the house in flats) but I do like the extra height; I like to think it makes me intimidating 😉

Current lustings include (but aren’t limited to)

Ravel Geraldine…go with everything colour, pretty detailing, screams summer…perfect.

Ash Lucy…I am forever drooooling over Ash shoes. This pair just further fuels the fire.

Oh look, another Ash pair! Jezebel this time and not the most summery of shoe…but goddam, they are beauties!

And in complete contrast, and somewhat out of my usual style…this embellished pair by Lollipop…should I love them as much as I do? Probably not…
but whatever. I’m a girl. I like pretty shoes as much as I like chocolate.

What are your current shoe cravings?


47 comments for “Spring in My Step

  1. Lovely picks! I’m forever searching for the perfect blue shoes!

  2. Love them all but I especially like the first two.

  3. Omg I am IN LOVE with the first pair. Love the pattern and the zip. Drools. Hope you get them and then take lots of pictures!! 🙂 x

  4. I love the Ash Lucy ones. I’m all about wedges at the moment – finally some heels I can walk in!

  5. The second shoes are badass. xoxo

  6. I love all of these!! That last pair is amazing.

  7. Oh I can totally see you rocking the Jezebel pair! Get them on your birthday wishlist! Have you worn your lovely IC’s yet?

  8. Love the Ash Lucy wedges.. then i saw the price.. If they we a bit more affordable for me I would snap them up straight away!! 🙂

    Leanne xx

  9. i love the first 2 and the last one <3 btw iam in love with your matalan dress below! so cute!

  10. Love both pairs of Ash ones, why are they so pricey though? 🙁 xx

  11. Man, now I’m in love with the Ash Lucys too… They’d be so good for spring… Darn! x

  12. I think I’m more of a bag girl than a shoes girl – probs as I definitely can’t wear all of these gorgeous heels- i’d be something far worse than intimidating I fear!
    My fave out of this lot has to be the ravel ones though- i have a slight penchant for ravel cos it was the place that supplied my first ever pair of ‘grown up’ shoes- they were patent leather boots and i LOVED them. God knows where they went, but yeah, GO RAVEL!


  13. I love the first pair, they are gorgeous!
    I love my shoes the higher the better!

  14. really like the top pair, they make me think summer! 🙂

  15. Oh the ash lucy ones are divine – I was gutted when I clicked on the link and saw how expensive they are! xxx

  16. The first pair are so beautiful xx

  17. Kim

    Loving the Ravel Geraldine pair and the Lollipop pair! I’m lusting after some wedges for the Spring weather that I’m hoping sticks around for a bit longer xxx

  18. LOVE that first pair. I have too many shoes cravings to share haha.
    Sami xx

  19. Loving the Jezebel!
    I am in love with my red ballet pumps at the moment and a pair of dark red platform loafers…

  20. give me a pair of toms or doc martens any day i really can’t be doing with heels i just walk like a drag queen not a pretty sight

  21. Shoes! I love the nude wedges! I love heels but feel so clumsy in them!

  22. I am drooling over that first pair!

  23. Love the shoes, I guess there’s no woman in the world who is not a shoe lover! =)


  24. Omg I love these so much, especially the embellished pair!

  25. hehe ahhh my feet already hurt looking at those shoes. i like the look of the black strapped one, though!

    my shoes of choice are funky/quirky colorful sneakers or pretty/frilly/vintage flats. i’m low maintenance + i like to walk anywhere i can, so comfort is most important.


  26. oh i really want the black peep toe multi strap wedges!!!! damn too pricey for me thou 🙁 x

  27. SO cute, especially the last ones!

  28. Cute shoes! Seriously, I’m just craving boots.


  29. Omg, is it possible to love so many shoes at once. I want all of these!

    Thanks for all your comments on my blog – I appreciate you always take the time 🙂

    Sarah Betty xx

  30. I’m right there with you. I’ve been craving the shoes lately as well! I love the Lucy Brown’s!

    Love the new profile pic too!

  31. Kat

    Gorgeous shoes- Im such a sucker for wedges and chunky heels, all about the comfort for me 🙂 Im currently looking for a new pair of black boots to replace my favourite pair which are in the process of dying!


  32. Lovely shoes. The first pair are devine. I’m currently craving comfy shoes that look good. I’m on my feet all day at work and often on the go afterwards too so always just end up in pumps. x

  33. Those are really cute!

  34. The black Ash ones are absolutely gorgeous. xx

  35. Wow what cute shoes I love the last pair.

    X x

  36. I’m needing some flats with straps. My current ones are wearing out 🙁

  37. I’m completely shoe obsessed. I have more pairs than I need! I really love the first pair. I have a similar pair, but don’t wear them enough.

  38. mine are always kurt geigers! total winner
    cute post


  39. Dying for that first pair!!

  40. Angela

    I love that first pair! 🙂

  41. I like the last pair. i confess that I can’t actually walk in heels lol. so flats are more my scene.

  42. I love love love Ash. I’m in love with everything they do!!