Foodie Find: Fruyo

It’s pretty clear from the amount of times I’ve featured Total Greek Yoghurt on the blog in the past that I’m a big fan,
so when I heard rumours of a new product launch I was pretty excited to see what they had come up with now. I didn’t have long to wait, a few days later I had an e-mail from the lovely folks at Total asking if I’d like to sample some myself…the answer was of course, yes.
A bit about the product:
FAGE has launched a new exceptionally thick, protein-packed, FAT-FREE Greek yoghurt with REAL fruit pieces!
It’s time to say goodbye to sloppy, gloopy, artificial yoghurts and say hello to FRUYO!
We have launched a new gourmet natural yoghurt brand which will hit supermarket shelves from mid-March. FRUYO yoghurt comprises exceptionally thick, creamy fat-free Greek yoghurt, combined with refreshing real-fruit pieces.
Perfect for breakfast, as a snack or dessert, this conveniently sized on-the-go authentic Greek yoghurt, is available in four mouth-watering flavours – peach, vanilla, pineapple and cherry, with additional flavours planned for later in the year. 
Like TOTAL, FRUYO boasts a high protein content, containing over 13g of protein per 170g yoghurt – certainly a benefit which will appeal to foodies, slimmers and fitness enthusiasts alike.
It’s now time to challenge what you already know about fruit yoghurts. With its thick, creamy texture, FRUYO is unlike any other fruit yoghurt.  It contains no preservatives, colourings or artificial sweeteners and is likely to be a substantial upgrade from your usual fruit yoghurt!
FRUYO will be available in Waitrose stores from Monday 11th March and via Ocado later in the month, with further supermarkets lined up for later in the year. A 25% reduced price will be offered in Waitrose for four weeks, until April 2nd 2013, when it will then be priced at £1.10 per 170g pot.
Forgive the lack of photos. It’s also pretty clear by now that I am no food (or indeed just general) photographer and I never manage to make things look pretty and appetising on screen. These yoghurts are pretty amazing though,
the smooth and creamy yoghurt we’re used to (which I could eat straight up plain without complaint) combined with some of my favourite fruit flavours- Cherry, Peach, Pineapple as well as a Vanilla flavour that I didn’t recieve but will be hunting down shortly.
Pineapple was my all round favourite. I loved the tartness of the fruit against the smoothness of the yoghurt. I mainly ate these as a post-dinner dessert but come summer I think I’ll be mixing them with granola to make a change from my usual porridge and toast breakfast.
Have you tried these yet? What’s your favourite fruit to eat with yoghurt?

5 comments for “Foodie Find: Fruyo

  1. Oooh Cherry fage. Must go buy one! Cherry and Greek Yogurt together sounds like heaven to me!

  2. I love Fage. Sadly they don’t sell it here in Australia, but I miss it from home. And these fruity ones sound DELICIOUS. Do they have lots of added sugar?

  3. Anonymous

    They look yummy, i’ll be heading to Waitrose for sure!
    Please don’t answer if this is unhelpful for you in anyway but I was wondering if you might share what your meal plan looks like?
    Do you have hot meals and snacks and would you give us any ideas of things to have?
    If this would be a problem for you then please don’t worry about answering. Its just you are doing so well and have managed to turn things around so bravely at home. You are a true inspiration to us all.

  4. Mmmm, I want some of these. Also, how amazing would it be if they brought out a frozen yoghurt?! I would be beyond excited for that. xo

  5. I’ve really been wanting to try these so I appreciated this review! Yum and pineapple? I had no idea they had that flavor. Definitely buying these as soon as possible.