sarenza sunday: designer dreams

There is no way on earth I could ever justify spending nearly £400 on a pair of high-tops but in dream world I’d be purchasing either one of these pairs of babies by Giuseppe Zanotti ones from Sarenza. I don’t even know what has drawn me to them in the first place, clearly the bright colours and shiny finish have bought out my inner magpie. That and my current tendency towards a more casual shoe (thanks painful foot for forcing me in to that one) means I was browsing high-tops before heels for once!
What are your current “in my dreams” shoes?

5 comments for “sarenza sunday: designer dreams

  1. OOoooo I like the silver ones very much. My In my dreams shoes are the Louboutin Aurora Borealis peep toe heels so beautiful, so ridiculous expensive!

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  2. These are amazing. That multicoloured pair have a touch of 80’s about them. Love it! My dream shoes would be anything by Nicholas Kirkwood – his shoes are like works of art! xx

  3. I think they are cool but totally not my style! Can you imagine me walking down the street in a girly dress and then these! Haha!

    Corinne x

  4. I always lust after things like Litas and the Kurt Geiger shoes, ones I’d never wear. And some totally not-trendy Demonia boots! xD

  5. Ugh. Need these!!! Why do you have to show me so many beautiful shoes that i can’t afford Haha