Fresh Flames for Day and Night

A few weeks ago the gorgeous Lois got in touch asking if I’d like to pick a dress from Fresh Flames and style it for night and for day. Initially I was going to say no…the dresses on offer were bodycon, and it’s a well known fact now that Laura doesn’t do bodycon…
also, I had never really heard of Fresh Flames and wasn’t familiar with the store.

After taking a closer look at the Fresh Flames website, I decided to overcome my phobia and take on the challenge. For those that haven’t yet checked it out, Fresh Flames is an online Boutique with a cool and quirky range of clothes and accessories for men and women.

I picked the Abstract Wide Sleeve bodycon dress, which retails at a super affordable £30. For day I paired it with plain black tights, suede Jeffrey Campbell lace up flats and a plain but practical jersey cardigan from New Look


For my evening look I didn’t go wildly different; if, on the rare occasion I go out after work, I tend to just jazz up whatever I’ve worn during the day to save time when I get home. I swapped the black tights for some F21 Sparkly ones, and the flats were exchanged for Irregular Choice sparkly boots. I am minimal when it comes to jewellery but did add a stacked bangle.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with how I made a dress that I would previously never have considered as an option for any occassion work as something I’d wear for both work, and for a night out with friends. Now to loose the fear and actually wear this. For real. Thank you Fresh Flames for helping me take a step forwards!

Do you have staples that you make work for day or night? What are your top tips?

31 comments for “Fresh Flames for Day and Night

  1. It looks lovely on you. You have styled it really well too.x

  2. That dress is perfect for day and night.I will have to check them out.

  3. Angela

    You rock that dress Laura! You should totally wear it for work and a night out 🙂 xx

  4. Love both of those outfits. I love my skinny black pants from gap, I can wear them for work under a dress or with a basic tee and then with heels and more accessories on an evening 🙂

  5. Ohhh, I’m glad you said yes as you look fantastic in that dress, I love the simple changes you made too.

  6. What a great dress, I love the simple night time look.

  7. That is a lovely dress – love the material and the pattern!

  8. Fab dress which looks great on you x

  9. I LOVE this dress xx

  10. love your outfit, that dress is so nice! you have a really nice blog. if you have some time please check out mine too thanks:

  11. To my eye, Laura does body con really quite well after all.

    My tips? Always, always challenge your style orthodoxies. There is no one in the world more deserving of a surprise from you then yourself, yes?

    Looking smashing really.

    xoxo – Petra

  12. This looks fan Laura, you should definitely wear this ‘for real’. The cardigan is great for dressing down for work and the sparkle on the tights and boots just enough to dress it up for an evening, a cute fitted blazer would finish it off a treat. I find adding a good slick of lip gloss helps to take me from day to night.

  13. I am not a body con person either but this doent look very body con like! I Like the pattern, very 60’s mod actually. I think it looks great for the day but not sure I would wear for evening although I like it with your sparkly boots! I havent heard of them so may have to go take a look myself
    Daisy Dayz

  14. I’d be put off by bodycon but this one looks lovely on you! I love the colours and print 🙂

    Caroline x
    Caroline’s Catwalk

  15. It really does look lovely on you, it suits you so well!


  16. I really like this dress on you. I think a great pair of heels and good accessories can turn any outfit into great evening wear.

    X x

  17. that is a pretty dress, its got less of a bodycon feel to it unlike a lot of the dresses on the site x

  18. This dress is absolutely stunning on you! Yay for braving it 🙂


  19. love the dress! And the sparkly boots, beautiful! Fab looks 🙂 x

  20. gawjus! I love that dress but don’t have the confidence to wear it at the moment!

  21. I love the dress,! your legs looks so long in the dress and the shoes! xx

  22. Oh wow, you look fantastic ! i seem to wear similar dresses in the day and evening and just change from Vans/Converse to a wedge!

  23. It doesn’t look like a body-con dress, you make bodycon seem less scary in these great shots (I don’t do bodycon either! If I’d have been wearing it, it would have clung to me like an unflattering swimming hat!), you chose a really nice one and I love the transformation from day to night! Very cute!

  24. Oh, this looks lovely on you! And not bodycon either (and I too wouldn’t touch bodycon with a 10ft pole usually).

    As always, in total envy of your gorgeous legs.

    Emily x

  25. That dress is perfect on you! I especially like your day look, its such a great look for going to work. Really sleek, appropriate and polished.

  26. The print and colour really suit you and I love how the sleeves flare out – lush! x

  27. Perfect fit! Love these idea would really love to take on that challenge. Looking forward for more of this.

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  28. that dress looks really good on you, and i love the boots!

  29. Looking hot hot hot in that dress! I really like it, and the boots x