Friday, I’m in love

Summit of Courage , Walk Gently, Happily Ever After

Gorgeous, inspiring and Ethical jewellery from Avasarah, a site I don’t even remember how I found, but I am so glad I did.
I have a soft spot for quotes and meaningful jewellery and once they are taking orders again I totally plan to treat myself, probably to the Happily Ever After necklace as a constant reminder.

My thoughts are with the folks behind the store, currently closed due to family emergency. I’ve e-mailed with them a bit and they really are wonderful.


17 comments for “Friday, I’m in love

  1. cute necklaces, I hope they are ok!

    jules @ a bit of jules

  2. These are lovely, so many special quotes on them I love it.

  3. These are gorgeous! I hope that everything is okay with the family behind them xx

  4. Lovely sentiments. And hope they are ok.

  5. powerful statements, hope their business and family are ok xox

  6. They really are – lovely. I’m going to go on their site now, and send them a good luck email, too. Can’t hurt!

    Have a lovely Friday, Laura! xox

  7. wow these are stunning 😀 such beautiful pieces, I find quotes like these so inspirational and optimistic 🙂 I’ll deffo be checking out the website, thanks for recommending it 😀
    I love your blog, I’m following you 🙂
    Have a great weekend! Take care <3 Holz oxo

  8. Those necklaces are a-maz-ing. I definitely need to get me one in the near future! xx

  9. These quotes are lovely and such simple designs too!

    maria xxx

  10. These are beautiful!
    Hope everything’s okay with their family too


  11. dan

    they are so cute! hope everything works out ok for them xx

  12. They are truly gorgeous!
    Definitely going to have a look 🙂

    My thoughts are with their family xx

  13. These are such cute necklaces!

  14. Such beautiful inspiring pieces of jewellery. My thoughts are with them and their family xx

  15. They are beautiful. I’ll definately be bookmarking it. Thank you. I hope all’s okay with them x

  16. These are beautiful, I hope everything is ok with the family xx

  17. Really lovely pieces. I hope they’re ok 🙁