Essential for every wardrobe and something I totally fail at. In an ideal world I would own a drawer of neatly folded, well cut t-shirts and own a couple of pairs of perfect fitting trousers, and perhaps a shift dress and pencil skirt to complement this.

In reality, I don’t. Partly because I’m attracted to prints, hate buying trousers and just generally get carried away whilst shopping…but also because I never seem to find those essential items.

Trousers never hang right, either so low cut you can see everything, or so high I channel Simon Cowell. Skirts are always an inch shy of too short, or too long..and shift dresses never sit quite so. We won’t start on how fussy I am over t-shirts; in the past I’ve dismissed them for being too thick a cotton, too thin, too clingy, not clingy enough….it goes on.

It’s back to school time, and whilst my school days have long gone, it does seem an ideal time to get my wardrobe sorted for a new start….

So my question for this sunny Saturday is….where oh where do you find your basics? Am I the only one who struggles, or am I simply the wrong shape, the wrong height, or too damn fussy?

Is it worth spending more on the plainer items in life?


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  1. I am exactly the same as you nothing seems to sit right. So now no matter what the price is on something if I like it I buy it. This is really new to me as normally I go quantity over quality.

  2. These are fantastic trousers. Where did you get them? I struggle so much with basics – like you I am addicted to prints. Not very basic! I’m such a classic Brit girl though, I think all the items I own that could be called basic (t-shirts, black jeans, socks, underpants) all come from M&S!

  3. i have all of the problems you described in the second paragraph lol! i find my basics at H&M because they are pretty cheap(dont look it) and fit nicely

    Vi from Cali

  4. You look fantastic in trousers. I think it is worth forking out a little more for good basics because they last and last

  5. Those trousers REALLY suit you. When I think of you I always think of pretty florals and bright colours, you really do have a wonderful style that I admire.

    Growing up I think you grow into your style in a way, and I think the essentials in our wardrobes are something we all long for one day xxx

  6. I wish I knew the answers to these questions but my wardrobe seems to consist in the main of floral dresses and tops that go with nothing. I can never find jeans to fit me, same goes for trousers, and don’t even get me started on skirts! If you find out the magic trick, please let me know…


  7. Yeah I wish I knew too- I’m not good on basics, I suppose I get some stuff in H n M, or Primark.. which doesn’t always fit that well! xx

  8. I think trousers are especially hard to fit no matter what your shape or size. My best friend and I are at opposite ends of the size spectrum (she is 6-8 and i’m 18-20)and we both have the same problem, our motto is if we find a pair of pants that fit perfectly we usually buy three pairs the same!
    Kandi x

  9. I think everyone is so different, sizes, shapes, curves etc, that one person’s ideal basics items will never work on another… it is harder to buy them than you think!

  10. Zee

    I’m very much the same – attracted to fussy patterns, odd colours, and then when it comes to making an outfit out of it all… nothing ever matches up! It’s ridiculous really, I should put more thought into it.

    As for being the wrong height/shape – I am taller than you and find it absolute hell to find basics that fit right. So when I do find some that look good, I buy them in bulk before they change the range or sell out! I find H&M good for basic tops/vest, and good value too.

  11. I think Matalan is quite good for basics or somewhere like Peacocks. Maybe even New Look as well!

  12. I love those troussers!!! They are FAB hun! I def think for the basics everyone is different depending on size and shape etc so different shops for different people. I love everything u wear lol!

  13. I am the same, basics always seem boring to me, I always end up with statement stuff, prints etc. The problem comes with what to wear it with. I am so fussy with trousers and virtually never manage to find a pair that I am happy with. When I do it is usually from good old M & S. The My Wardrobe sale can be good for basics if you want quality.

  14. Mat

    i go for uniqlo or h&m for basics, my gf seems to go for m&s and COS

  15. I adore this outfit, your trousers look amazing on you! They are such a gorgeous colour <3

  16. Angela

    I love your outfit Laura! I’m voting yes, its worth spending more on the plainer items in life if you are going to get a lot of use out of them and are going to feel good wearing them too. Hope you’re enjoying the weekend! xx

  17. Angela

    I love your outfit Laura! I’m voting yes, its worth spending more on the plainer items in life if you are going to get a lot of use out of them and are going to feel good wearing them too. Hope you’re enjoying the weekend! xx

  18. I never get it right,

    those are great trousers:)

  19. I always say I am going to spend a bit more on essentials but inevitably I always splurge on dresses which I wear once and scrimp on tops which I wear everyday. Im sure one day I will learn!

  20. They look fabulous on you Laura, I have noticed that with pants on you before but I also think you look good in skirts and dresses. My sister has a pair of pants which look the same as those.

  21. Those trousers are lovely. I guess my basics would be jeans and just boring plain old cheap tops from H&M or New Look – that’s what I normally end up in after getting out my work clothes. Just fail safes really x

  22. Jo

    I’m really drawn to prints too, usually dresses! I struggle to find trousers that fit because I’m at that awkward height of being too tall for normal highstreet but not quite tall enough for “tall” ranges. Trousers often gape at the waist on me too. Long Tall Sally fit me best (although I’m not fully tall enough for most of their trousers). A bit more expensive but worth it. I used to get good basic tops from Dorothy Perkins although I think her quality has gone down hill. Try H&M or Gap in sales. Sorry this is a long comment!

  23. I have the exact same problems as you. Skirts skim my bum as I am too tall and trousers are a nightmare!
    I love your trousers though, such a gorgeous colour!

  24. all of my essentials come from either Topshop or Primark.

    All of my trousers/skirts are from Toppers (apart from one or two skirts/shorts which are a|wear) as I have such long legs.
    My tops are either Topshop (usually) or Primark (when I’m skint).

    Jules .

  25. I have virtually no basics at all, it so infuriating…

  26. wow you sound like me….i definitely struggle with basics! i think its a result of prefering to spend money on cute quirky items and like you never being able to find just the right fit! x

  27. I know what you mean, It’d be great to have a wardrobe full of basics which compliment each other but whenever I go shopping I seem to end up buying more print items! Those trousers really suit you, lovely colour x

  28. Love those trousers Laura, they’re fab. I think with basics, they’ve got to be great quality. I love M&S, Reiss, Zara, Mango and French Connection for my simple staples.

  29. Once I find something that fits I buy it in every colour!

    Maria xxx

  30. Get yourself a tailor, like I did, then you can have everything just the way you like it.

  31. Eva

    Love this look – really stylish but simple too!
    I’m exactly the same with my wardrobe – and I’m really fussy. Oddly enough, my favourite piece at the moment is a size 16 jumper from Topshop; even though it’s not my size, it hangs perfectly!

  32. L

    Amazing trousers! I could never get away with those but they look fantastic on you 🙂
    L x