Friday Outfit



This denim shirt is the last of my purchases from last week. It’s from New Look (see, I’m obsessed with that shop!) and was £20 (I had a 20% off voucher, should have been £25)

Hopefully a semi lazy weekend ahead, I’m so tired. I may not do much with my life right now, but lack of sleep is driving me insane.

Strictly tonight X-factor tomorrow
(work comes first though, I loathe my 8:30am start time)

What are your plans?


56 comments for “Friday Outfit

  1. Very cute dress! Lazy weekend ahead for me too… xoxo

  2. girl, I love love love that denim shirt on you!

  3. Definitely a lazy weekend, it was a tiring week!
    I love light denim!
    Lol, I might try the “accidentally” too, good idea!

  4. all i can think when i saw your outfit is that you don’t live in los angeles…it’s hot here, and not quite tights weather yet! love your look…and the color of those tights!!

  5. Meg

    My weekend is mostly going to involve me spending time with my horses!

  6. I really need a denim shirt. It seems to me to be a staple for any girls wardrobe! 🙂

  7. this layering is fabulous, I really need a denim shirt

  8. The new shirt is great but I super love the tights!

  9. hahaha I’m wearing a denim shirt today too, for some reason I always sport denim on a Friday?

    Happy weekend hun 😉

    prettyneons X

  10. i love the shirt ! i pinched my dads old old one 😀

  11. oh i want those berry color tights. : ) have a fabulous weekend.

  12. MJ

    Great denim shirt – I love the wash on yours so much more than my lighter one, but I’m broke and mine was from Primark so I’m sticking with it!

  13. that denim shirt looks perfect on you!

  14. I love the shirt, it looks so comfy!

  15. you look so fresh and lovely, despite of the tiredness, darling!
    I plan to have a lazy one, too, I am sooo tired…
    I’ll have a grill party with my love and friends tomorrow, fingers crossed for another day of good weather!
    have a lovely weekend, xoxo

  16. I love ur denim shirt,Im bit obsessed with anything denim =]

  17. Very cute! Love the denim shirt – I have a similar one and it’s so handy!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  18. i love the denim shirt!

  19. Cute dress & way to bring back the denim shirt – looks great with the dress!
    Happy weekend!

  20. gorgeous, I love all the colours together!
    have a great weekend sweet one 🙂


  21. Ah! Somehow I’d lost the url to your blog!! Your links in my comments and my blogroll led to a deleted blog and I was afraid you’d quit. SO glad that’s not the case! I’ll update my reader and blogroll.

  22. I love the denim shirt, great combination with the dress!

    My plans are making homework, so boring..

  23. I love it…I have a few denim shirts as well, the more we wash the yummier they get! Sweet weekend, beautiful!

  24. you look ever so gorgeous dear <3

  25. early starts for work at the wknd can suck! love the laid back feel the denim shirt lends the outfit.
    have fun watching x-factor 🙂
    i love Simon 🙂

  26. Denim shirt…so cool! I’m always rummaging through my father’s clothing to find his shirts to throw on over dresses…he says he’s strangely flattered by this habit of mine!

    Hope you’re well, you look beautiful!


  27. Looks like a perfect denim shirt to lounge around in! I adore the color of your tights!

    I’m pretty much staying in this weekend and probably going to the movies later! xxooxxo

  28. you look gorgeous! really loving the denim over the dress… and as ever, those tights are just the cutest colour. xxxc

  29. perfect shirt, I’ve been looking for one just like it 🙂

  30. love your shirt, great wash of denim. and for my weekend, its a day longer because monday is a holiday, hurrah! basically im gonna just die and shop then die, then study… BAH!

  31. I’m all over the denim train, I blame it on Alexa Chung. 😉 YOU LOOK CUTE!!!


  32. Your denim shirt matches very well with the rest of your outfit 🙂

  33. Love the entire outfit! Especially the tights, the diamond pattern is really cool.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  34. The colored tights look amazing on you 🙂

  35. you look amazing in denim and checkers! just wrapped up a crazy shoot, so I’m having a very lazy remainder of the weekend 🙂

    ♡ R

  36. What a beautiful outfit! <3

  37. hi miss daisy chain! loving your denim shirt! hope you had an enjoyable weekend 🙂 x

  38. well right now my plans involve doing so homework but im stuck checking out favorite blogs instead 🙁

  39. i stole a denim shirt from my dad like that! i love it..even though it is super oversized.. i have to find a way to make it work haha ;P xo

  40. ooo great tights
    i love colored stockings
    and argyle!

  41. I miss New Look!!! Haha I totally understand your obsession with it.. you know I have a similar obsession! I’m going to miss living a block away from it this year. Love the denim shirt, a really great layering piece xoxo

  42. wow! I love your tights a lot. and it goes wel with that pretty dress. I’m really into searching for some lovely tights right now. 🙂

  43. you have liz taylor face. beautiful.

  44. Love the shirt, looks great on

    nicola xx

  45. that dress is super cute! I like it with the denim shirt as well

  46. Anonymous

    I like the little dress!