Funny Face

Dorothy Perkins dress, Tesco tights, Timeless shoes c/o Sarenza.

And this is what the weather has bought me too, dragging out a winter work dress for what was my Monday afternoon shift. I hate to bang on about it but this summer has been SUCH a has this year in general actually,
2012, you can end now. Thanks.

I thought I’d pop in this photo of Mae, too, as she adds sunshine to any day! It feels like we’ve had her forever now…so utterly different to Flash, but equally as abnormal!

Happy mid-week folks.


20 comments for “Funny Face

  1. I love the photo of Mae, very cute! I think the dress is pretty but it sucks it has had to come out for the summer…

  2. You look fab and Mae is adorable I love that face! x

  3. you look very chic <3 and yes this Summer has been utterly lame. Let's just skip right to Christmas time?! Aw Mae is too cute, I think all cats are mad. xx

  4. I can’t let go of my winter wear. So frustrating x

  5. I agree! The rest of the summer has an awful amount of work to do to make up for the start of it. And I was so looking forward to fun weather and doing stuff outdoors. Instead I woke up to a monsoon…

  6. Raz

    Love the dress! It’s looking pretty summery here today – won’t last long!

  7. Pretty dress 🙂 and cute cat too! x

  8. She is such a cutie!!! <3

    I agree, shall we sabotage 2012 & boycott it’s continue? The weather, general vibe is incredibly irritating I’ve found, give me a new year now please!!!

    Winter dress or not, you look incredible chic as always my dear. I remain jealous & in awe. <3 xxx

  9. Mae is absolutely gorgeous

  10. I have been shivering all day today and usually I radiate heat 🙁 You look lovely and Mae is a real cutie!

    Maria xxx

  11. We should get a summer soon right?? Despite it being a winter dress you look absolutely lovely!

  12. It’s crap isn’t it – the only clothes I’ve changed is going from winter coat to light jacket and woolly scarf to cotton one. Bah.

  13. Love that dress!

    I agree about the disappointing 2012. It can bigger off as far as I am concerned!

  14. I LOVE this, Laura! So sleek and elegant. <3

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  16. It has been a disappointing summer but on the up side this dress is lovely.
    Mae is such a cutie x

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