Get to Know your Body Shape; a guest post.

There are many rules in fashion, and trying to keep up with all the dos and don’ts and latest trends can get a bit much. If you want to look great without having to ingest six different fashion magazines each week then the main thing is to simply dress for the body you have, rather than the body you wish you had. Women come in all shapes and sizes, and in reality the key to looking fabulous is to love the figure you’ve been given and really get to know it so you can dress it in beautiful flattering clothes. 

Identify your shape
The first step to dressing for your body type is to identify what this means for you. Popular opinion would dictate that there are only a few different categories for shape, but real women cannot be put into boxes quite so simply, and every single woman has a different shape. Think about whether you are loosely a pear, apple, hourglass or athletic shape, but don’t expect to conform entirely to this categorisation. There are plenty of women that are a combination of two or more of these, and there are likely some parts of your body that don’t follow the rules of your shape. Once you have worked this out you can experiment with outfits that are designed to flatter your outline, and decide which work for you.

Find your best bits
It’s very easy to stand in front of a mirror and criticise the parts of your body that you don’t like. In fact, this is something that most women are guilty of, and it can give you a very negative body image and perception of what you look like. Once a day try and give yourself a compliment. Instead of finding fault, identify a part of your body that you like and don’t mind showing off. When you are shopping try and find outfits that will really flatter the bits of yourself that you love, then you can ensure attention is on these and not on the parts you feel more self conscious about.

Things everyone can do
You can easily find information about what styles are likely to suit you based on your proportions. Experiment with different cuts and combinations to find what looks best on you. There are however some more generic things you can do to ensure you look your best in whatever you wear. These include getting a well cut items of clothing and nice fabrics that hang well. You don’t need to go designer to get this level of quality and there are some quality dresses from George that really take into account women’s figures. Where possible too you should try to elongate your legs. It doesn’t matter whether you’re 4ft or 6ft tall, this simple trick will make you look slimmer and more elegant.

Getting to know your body really well will help you to know which clothes and outfits will look best on you and help you to feel confident at all times. Don’t be afraid to experiment and work out what you like and what looks best. Follow some of the guidelines about body shape but remember this will vary from person to person so you will need to test the theories for yourself.