get up, stand up

Having a musician boyfriend has reignited my love of music. My ipod has been wiped clean and filled with his music collection and I find myself humming songs and dancing on buses in a way that I’ve not done for years.
The only thing lacking was a pair of decent headphones, so when Surfdome got in touch and offered me a product of my choice to review I sought the boy’s advice and opted for these headphones from the Marley range.

The headphones themselves are a joy to look at with their traditional Jamaican colours and funky wooden ear buds.
They come with three sizes of ear tips to ensure the perfect fit for noise isolation as well as a little pouch to store them in. The sound quality is the best I’ve had from a pair of headphones and the way they come packaged in environmentally friendly recycled plastics and paper is another selling point.
The wood is FSC certified and I love the funky pink trim. Overall these are a real winner to me, providing high quality sound AND some style all at the same time.
The headphones cost £29.99 (other styles available at varying prices) and you get pick up a pair here.
What songs have shaped your Summer? I’ve had Bob Marley on constantly, the chilled out vibe is perfect for lazing in the sunshine.

7 comments for “get up, stand up

  1. Trout’s got the headphones from this collection – they’re so nice! I love the wooden detail.

  2. Now these are some cool headphones!!! You (and your bf apparently) have chosen wisely.;) I’ve been listening to Marley this summer too! Summer and Marley just go hand in hand, don’t they?:)

  3. This is a fantastic post Laura, you look AWESOME in the photos! And those headphones are fabulous, I really want some…reasonably priced too, might have to treat myself! 🙂

    Really enjoying your blog lately, I saw yesterday you said it was ‘mediocre’ but I actually think the opposite – you’ve done some great posts recently!

    Sarah xx

  4. they look rather snazzy! x

  5. These look great! Is it a fabric / rope type cord rather than plastic? My plastic ones never cope so well at the bottom of my bag. Oops

  6. Wow do they beat the bog standard black ones!

  7. I love the design, they’re so unique and pretty dare I say it haha. I’m the same with music, I used to listen all the time and thankfully with my boyfriend’s help I’m listening more and more again. It was when I lost some of my hearing that I stopped, but I’m enjoying rediscovering music I love 🙂 xx