girly girl

Dress: c/o Phase Eight
Shoes: c/o Sarenza
Whatever outfits I decide to wear on any given day I’m still a girly girl at heart and will forever be drawn to all things pink and shiney- even better if it’s both together. The second I saw these shoes by Tamaris (not a brand I’d usually look at, I admit) on Sarenza I knew I needed them to be mine. At £34.99 they aren’t exactly expensive and are the perfect subtle way to embrace this season’s trend for all things metallic. I paired them with my beloved Phase Eight dress for their first airing although I couldn’t wear them all day as they need a little bit of breaking in first.
How are we almost at the end of the second month of this year? It’s scary and it’s worse when I think back to this time last year, so filled with sad and worrying events in the family and how long ago that seems now. As soon as the weather improves I plan to visit Sidmouth where my Nan’s ashes are scattered as I feel a sudden need to be near her. That might sound stupid, but I suppose anyone who has lost someone close to them will relate on some level.
Anyway, to focus on happier things I am pleased to say this year as so far proven to be better, all we need now is the arrival of Spring; I can’t bring myself to start planning my S/S wardrobe fully whilst I’m still shivering in knits and complaining about the weather every two seconds. I’m really loving the new season trends- especially monochrome, metallics and neon and can’t wait to stock up. What will you be wearing when things warm up? I’m also starting to get excited for swimwear in anticipation of my August holiday. Black sequin bikini from Asos, you WILL be mine!

14 comments for “girly girl

  1. That dress is illegally adorable.

  2. This dress is so pretty <3
    and I feel you with how is it nearly March?! and I totally understand about your Nan and wanting to be near to her 🙁

  3. Anonymous

    Really not keen on the shoes, especially with tights, but the dress is very sophisticated!

  4. That dress! Lovely outfit.
    I am so looking forward to some warmer weather!! I hope you can go and visit Sidmouth soon, totally understand that feeling xx

  5. Loving the dress and the shoes hun. Very pretty in deed.

    x x

  6. Vix

    Very sophisticated, you look fab! x

  7. That dress is so lovely. I find it hard to get dresses with 3/4 sleeves & they’re my favourite

  8. You look gorgeous, that dress is blimmin gorgeous on you!

    Maria xxx

  9. Gorgeous dress, really suits you!!xx

  10. I love the colour of those heels and that dress again! So pretty.

    The Style Rawr!

  11. Your Phase Eight heart print dress is adorable. Do they come in different colours? It would be nice to own more than one. I understand and do relate to your feelings about your Nan. Thankfully the happier time of Spring will be here soon. I’d love Spring to last forever. The Spring colours are always so pretty. I’ll have fun browsing all the Spring fashions and will most likely feel the need to buy a few.

  12. KLW

    You look so cute in that dress ! You beauty x x

  13. You look so lovely, that dress is such a perfect shape for you. I know, almost March already! It feels like yesterday we were making out new year’s resolutions. And I can definitely understand about your Nan.

    I live in Australia, so we’re going into Autumn now, which will be nice after this hot Summer we’ve been having.

  14. lovely pearly shoes! Glad you’re feeling good this year x