Gone Green

This outfit is over a week old now, but I finally get to show you the dress that Madam Rage* sent me! I love this colour, it makes a brighter alternative to all the pastels that are out there right now, and I do love me a Peter Pan Collar!
I kept it basic with black tights from Tesco and suede Jeffrey Campbell brogues c/o Sarenza.

I’ve totally lacked in outfit inspiration lately, not being able to blog, and then sudden family illness has seen me living in jeans/denim and converse.

On that note, I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone for their kind words and support on Twitter; and extend that thanks from my family, too. Thank you.


43 comments for “Gone Green

  1. that dress is delightful, i really love the colour. Hope you’re keeping strong m’dear πŸ™‚ x

  2. I really love that colour too, such a pretty dress.

  3. That bright color is captivating. Love the shoes too


  4. Cat

    I love the dress! You look absolutely gorgeous and the color is perfect. <3

  5. Such an amazing colour dress! Sorry you’re having a rough time x

  6. Vix

    Sorry to hear your family are having a bad time.
    That dress is lovely, gorgeous colour. x

  7. The dress looks lovely – great colour and collar. Best to you and the fam. x

  8. I hope everything is ok love. I love that dress on you, the colour is gorgeous and its perfect with your shoes!

  9. Love this dress and that colour looks amazing on you.

  10. You look lovely! Good wishes to you and your family:)

  11. You look stunning love this dress it looks so stunning on you xoxo

  12. Cute style, have to love a peter pan collar for spring!
    L x

  13. Love the the dress especially the colour x


  14. lovely dress i love the colour!

  15. Gorgeous colour!

  16. Your dress looks great with your hair colour.


  17. Your dress looks great with your hair colour.


  18. That dress is so gorgeous on you, the teal colour is beautiful xxx

  19. I love the colour of your dress, the collar is really pretty too πŸ™‚

    Caroline x
    Caroline’s Catwalk

  20. Love the dress so much- had my eye on Madam Rage’s dresses since you posted before!

    Hope you’re doing okay, sending love your way xx

  21. This colour looks gorgeous on you

  22. That dress is beautiful, colour, shape, everything about it! I hope you’re doing ok x

  23. How cute are you? Loving this dress on you!

  24. I love that look so much – the Peter Pan collar, that colour.. I came to say thank you, and that it was uncanny as I’ve been thinking of you – and I saw that about kind words… family illness… will email you asap. Sending good health wishes. xox

  25. Beautiful dress, love the colour! xo

  26. It’s beautiful-I’d GLADLY wear this dress!!!!!!!!

  27. Mat

    that’s a wicked shade of green, reminds me of jewels.

  28. This is such a beautiful dress! I hope everyone is ok xxx

  29. That dress has such a cute colour!

  30. Beautiful dress & brogues – looking good x

  31. Oh this dress is a delight to the eyes. I LOVE the colour, the style and the gorgeous colour!x

  32. Such a sweet dress, the brogues are great too-one of my favourite shoe styles.
    B x

  33. I love the brogues! They go well with the collar of your dress to πŸ™‚ x

  34. this dress looks gorgeous with your colouring πŸ™‚ thinking of you xxx

  35. What a lovely ootd. Love that you wore black brogues with this xxx

  36. This dress looks stunning on you! The colour looks perfect with your hair πŸ™‚

  37. I WANT!!! The colour and style is perfect on you xx


  38. Love that dress it looks stunning on you x

  39. Very cute. Love the color.

  40. First off, looking wonderful as always, the bright is definitely a nice change from the mound of pastel colours right now.

    Second, Muchos Love. Hope that things are alright and family illness is being banished and good wishes and vibes for everything. (I’ve been a bit out of the twitter loop recently)

  41. I adore this outfit, the dress is lovely on you and the colour of it is superb!!

  42. Love your dress Laura :).

    Sadie x