Guest Post; The Resurgence of Red Hair

I love being a red-head.

• A Little History Lesson About Red Hair

The resurgence of red hair is an exciting and new trend hitting many areas of the world this
year. Lots of fashion-forward girls are saying goodbye to the recently trendy platinum and jet
black looks, now enthusiastically experimenting with all shades of red. This new craze has
left many people wondering, “Why has red hair reclaimed a spot in high fashion?”

To answer this question, we first have to look back to times when red locks were all the rage.
When was this? In the 70’s, when being a flower child and rocking at live festivals was what
all the cool kids were doing. Red hair was accepted during these times for its introverted
beauty; natural red heads were often scoffed prior years for physical attributes such as pale
skin and freckles. However, when the 70’s hit, the unique red head look was considered
natural and beautiful.

In recent years, trending fashion has gone from futuristic and sleek (90’s, early 2000’s) to a
complete 180, with reclamation for hippie girl chic fashions and a new love for the bohemian
look. Only in the last couple of years years has this phenomenon moved even further to an
obsession for red hair, thanks to a couple factors that greatly influenced pop culture and
fashion. One defining factor was how prevalent fire truck red hair was seen in mainstream
rock bands such as Paramore, and the other was how intensely red hair was being glorified in
fashion shows and advertisements by popular luxury designers.

• A Guide to Shades
As summer has slowly descended upon us in 2012, so has the new love for red hair. In this
age, the look is beautiful on just about any skin tone; however, it’s important to match the
correct shade of dye with your complexion in order to get the exact results you’re looking for.

For girls with a very fair skin complexion, a very light strawberry red blond mix is perfect.
Depending on your style preferences, you can also go bright or dark red to create a super
contrasting look. Just remember, this look will be very intense and grab lots of attention.

For those with olive skin, auburn is the best and most natural appearing options. It’s often
difficult for those with olive skin to pull off red hair, but this shade is the one exception that
looks absolutely gorgeous.

Girls with a very dark complexion can practically pull off any shade of red. Picking a darker
dye will appear more natural, as lighter dyes will create an intense contrast with the skin,
making your dye job very noticeable and unnatural looking.

• What Looks Best
When choosing outfits and looks for your new (or natural!) red locks, it’s important to match
styles with your shade to create the ultimate fashion statement and have onlookers jealous.

If you’re one of those courageous fair skinned girls that decided to go with a dark shade of
red in order to contrast, try experimenting with “scene” styles. Scene styles are a combination
of hip-hop and 80’s neon inspired clothing. Shops such as Forever21 and Hottopic have a
massive array of clothing that can help you create this bright and brave look.

If you chose a more laid-back shade of red, consider embracing the recent bohemian chic
craze. This look pays complete tribute to 70’s girly fashions, and is currently available in
practically any shop you can think of that offers designer clothing. The mixture of red locks
and a modern spin on groovy girl style will have you looking astounding and stylistically

Author Bio: Rebecca Jones has been a devoted hair and beauty fanatic as far back as she can
remember. She had worked in salons for six years before she began work for Hair Care Help.
Pay her site a visit for all of your bedhead needs.

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  1. Laura and daisy chains, what a surprise haha! 🙂

  2. Red hair is gorgeous, and I think you do pull it off really well x

  3. Tor

    I love red hair, I wish I could pull it off! You really do wear it well.

  4. I love your red hair! I used to have red hair but I couldn’t keep it up and it’d go a real rust colour xx