HealGel Face Review

So, finally at the grand old age of almost 27 I have developed a skin care regime that I can
stick to. I honestly don’t know how, or why it took me so long to want to take care of my skin but right now I am having a lot of fun discovering new products and really feeling the benefit on my skin.
One of the products I am really enjoying at the moment is HealGel Face, kindly sent to me by the lovely folks at find me a gift I started using this immediately and it was love at first use.
First up, I LOVE the packaging for this. So minimalistic and yet really eye-catching at the same time, this looks really chic sitting among my other products. The label is brilliant- telling you what the product is, what it contains and how to use it. I’m always wary of trying new products as my skin is so sensitive so it was really handy to see exactly what ingredients I was going to be putting on my face before I actually used it.
The gel is very lightly scented, which I love in a product. Designed to rescue unhappy skin with it’s anti-ageing formula which smooths, brightens, firms and replenishes the skin it’s hard to imagine only needing the smallest amount for it to work. I literally use a pea sized blob of this after I’ve removed my makeup at night and massage it in gently. After a few days useage my skin is noticeably brighter (I’ve struggled with dull skin lately) and far less dehydrated which were the two things I was especially looking for in a skincare product.
A 50ml tube of this will set you back £48 which does make it rather pricey but I can see this lasting me ages with the small amount I use each day. I think over time I’ll notice the firming and anti-aging effects a bit more- a week is a bit early to see those and this is going to be on my re-purchase list in the future as it’s hands down the best skin product I’ve used to date.
I think anyone with dull or really dry skin will really benefit from this and I quite fancy trying some more products from the range such as the HealGel intensive that also gets rave reviews. If you’ve tried any of the HealGel range I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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  1. This has been on my beauty wishlist for a while! x