Hearts & Bows at Ark Clothing

The other day I was lucky enough to receive a parcel from Ark Clothing. Up until this point I was un-aware that the website existed, if I am totally honest. I’m not very brave when shopping online and prefer to stick to sites of places I shop on the highstreet such as New Look, or if I’m really daring, Asos.

Ark is, however, a real treasure trove for fabulous brands such as Motel, Brat and Suzie, and another new discovery for me, Hearts & Bows. As you can see, this brand is my style exactly with pastel and floral dresses galore.

One thing I definitely want to mention is how beautifully wrapped the parcel was. Inside the plastic envelope was layers of pink tissue paper protecting the dress and skirt inside.
I don’t know about you, but shops that make an extra effort with packaging their goods score automatic brownie points.

I was sent the “Graphite Paris Skirt” which is now hands down the most comfortable skirt I own. I love how it sits on the waist and the shape is brilliant. I know I haven’t styled it to it’s full potential here, but watch this space for something more exciting!

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At £16.99 I also think it’s a reasonable price for something a bit different, and the sizing was perfect.

I also received the “Pink Polka Dot Floral Dress” which is £22.99. It’s a little bit too short for me to wear just as a dress for daytime, so I added denim shorts. One problem I often have with dresses is that the front is often too low cut, or gapes; that wasn’t an issue here and I only added the long sleeve top for warmth!

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Prettiest print. Ever.

Ark scores yet more brownie points with me for having affordable postage;

£2.50 within the UK for orders under £30 and FREE for orders of £30 or more.
International shipping is also available.
If you have any enquiries Ark endeavour to get back to you within 1 hour during office hours.

Ark pride themselves on speedy service; just 1-3 days after your order has been processed which means you won’t be hanging around long to wear your new clothes.

Definitely a site to visit, and one I will be returning to for when I feel like treating myself.

Many thanks to Ark for the beautiful treats.

And extended thanks to all you wonderful readers and commenters for your continued support. I won’t lie, things are hard this week, and you are ALL helping far more than you could know.
I’ll hopefully get round to your blogs over the next day or so xxx

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  1. Brilliant review, hun, and I love the print of your skirt!
    I’ll definitely keep this website in mind 🙂

  2. I’ve never heard of Ark before either but they have some cute stuff. Thanks for sharing (and for providing me with another excuse to spend money!)
    Your skirt and dress are both lovely.

  3. I do like Ark, find it can be a bit hit or miss though, especially with prices, some items, like you say are very reasonable but others seem a bit high, such as plain jersery t-shirt dresses at £45! But these are all lovely and suit you!

    Good luck with everything.


  4. Gorgeous prints. The skirt is fabulous, I LOVE a skirt with pockets! Prices seem very reasonable. And good P+P prices which is what always hacks me off shopping online.

    Sorry to hear you are having a tough week. Mahoosive hugs from me.


  5. Great review!

    Both pieces are just lovely – such pretty prints and shapes. I’m a huge fan of pockets on skirts and dresses too!

  6. I love pirints! So cute,especially the skirt.
    WE are all here for you no matter what! xxxx

  7. The prints are so brilliant. I love the one on the skirt. Off to check them out now!

  8. J.

    Ive never heard of them either, so thanks for introducing us to them. Love the prints, by the way!

  9. Both the prints of the dress and skirt are so pretty, I love it when they’re whimsical and cute like those! Great review:)


  10. loving that skirt x

  11. love the skirt!
    sending love and good luck laura!

  12. loving all the gorgeous prints!!

  13. I like them both, very pretty. I also adore your new header, its the best.

  14. Cute items, and good prices 🙂

    I have never ordered things online, I play it too safe, but I am going to check them out. oxox

  15. I like the skirt and dress…but I’m not too sure about the denim shorts under the dress. Leggings may have been more appropriate maybe? But the dress seems like a good layering piece…def. something you could cary on wearing into winter with layers.

    And are those brown tights I spy…heh…glad to know I’m not the only person that wears brown tights…

    I must remember to show of my new purchases. xx:)

  16. both fabrics are lovely!. u look very pretty.

  17. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! I especially love the top look. The skirt is fab and the top is lovely too. That is totally an outfit I would wear.

    Thanks also for sharing the info, these points are good to know 🙂

    Come check out my latest giveaway… 🙂

  18. They have the bestest flamingo tee on there too!

  19. Sorry to hear you’re having a tough week… we’re all here for you!

  20. The name alone – Hearts and Bows – thrills me! It sounds absolutely magical and whimsical. You wear the prints so well – love the femininity of them!! 🙂

  21. Thanks for the tip, their stuff looks lovely! And I really hope things start to get better soon x

  22. Love the print on that little skirt! So cute!

  23. love love love!!!!!!

    amazing outfits!!!!!

    i mostly loved the print of the first skirt!!!!!

    so rockabilly!!!!!

    thanx for comm sweetheart!!!!!!!



  24. Love the flowery dress on you…and your new header looks amazing! Congrats!

    Hope you’re having a wonderful week so far my dear friend.

    Cheers: Evi

  25. lovely flowers & dots outfit

  26. That dress is really pretty – but man, that skirt is amazing. I really really really want it. A lot. But I’m afraid £16.99 for a skirt is out of my budget, how sad is that!? It’s bloody lovely though. I may well have to check out this website…

    Sorry you’re having a tough time, & I really hope things start to look up for you asap 🙂


  27. Mat

    the people at ark are very nice indeed, there shop is round the corner from the office where i work in manchester.

    kudos on the speedy service!

  28. great review. love the skirt.

    I know it’s tough now but everything is moving in the right direction and will get better and better.

    love you my friend. x

  29. The clothes come second only to your loveliness dear. Quite the model me thinks. Thanks for informing us about Ark, I will go take a look.

    Aside…from one thin girl to another, it is SO refreshing to see so many positive comments. I get a lot of hate in the streets for being tiny when it is just my natural build. Anyway, love your blog!

    vintage delights for sale: shop chateau

  30. The print on both is fantastic, and I absolutely love skirts with pockets!

    Hang in there, sweetie! You can do this!

  31. These are lovely!
    Never heard of this website before either 🙂 Just checked it out, looks amazing!!

  32. such cute prints :3

  33. Gorgeous prints and i can’t believe how cheap the postage is. I hope you are ok hun xx

  34. omg i am in love with that skirt!!!

    it looks really good paired with that sweater

  35. Such a lovely skirt!

    ♥ Please don’t forget to enter the leather keychains GIVEAWAY!♥ Good luck! ♥

  36. They look great! I’ve never heard of Ark before either but will have to investigate. x

  37. Super cute skirt! The print is lovely!

  38. I love the dress.


  39. I adore that print. And it’s so nice that it is comfy too! Cute and comfy… that is not often the true for most clothing items.


  40. amazing flowers!

  41. Laura

    Nice skirt. Don’t take me wrong, you’re a pretty girl, but I’m a little worried about your weight, are you doing ok? I think you’d look even prettier if you gain maybe 10 more pounds. I’m against obesity, and I’m all about healthy and fitness, I’m a professional trainer, that’s why I’m telling you this.
    You have a beautiful blog and I think you have a gorgeous face, so please think about it.
    Wishing u the best.

  42. the shape of the skirt looks fantastic on you Laura! 🙂 x

  43. The pattern on that skirt is so cute! I just love it. I’m not all that adventurous either, but I’m trying to investigate more online brands as I always see other bloggers with such nice things from little obscure shops.

  44. LOveee your skirt <3

    xoxo*, Portugal

  45. I love the flowers 🙂


  46. This is a new shop to me – took a quick look at their site and it looks like they carry some great brands. The prints on these items you’re wearing are gorgeous. Very fair pricing and P&P too. xx

  47. I love getting a parcel in the post and finding it to be beautifully wrapped. It really makes my day! 🙂

    Kate x

  48. looks like a beautiful selection of prints! i’ll have to check it out!

  49. Lovely, Lovely post. Your blog is beautiful 🙂
    Panda xx
    Thanks for the comment, your so sweet!

  50. i only online shop with shops that have real stores too – i ordered off boohoo.com last week and it’s awful! going to have to return it all, so annoyed! x

  51. I love patterns; so pretty too!

  52. Love that skirt! So pretty and the print is lovely!

  53. That skirt & dress is SO you! Love it 🙂 Have a great week Laura, sending you lots of love!

  54. I love that print as well! You look stunning as usual 😉

  55. These outfits are so lovely. I especially love the print on the second one. It suits you well. 🙂

  56. sounds like a mighty nice find. i adore the prints! looking gorgeous as always. hope you are well.


  57. Kb

    Love your new headed! You chose some great Ark pieces, love the skirt especially! They have a store in my Uni town which is always worth a visit, lucky you! Hope everything is going well, stay strong.

  58. sweet skirt! i’m totally loving it! 🙂

    ♥ cara mia ♥

  59. Luv ur skirt and review hun! Hope u are well! xx

  60. Beautiful skirt, I adore all skirts with pockets it’s so comfy! :]

    Hold on, girl! :]

  61. Really pretty skirt and dress.. perfect choices for you! I hope all is well with you, I do worry sometimes..


  62. Sending you loads of courage… Keep spicing up your days with spirit-lifting apparel. The skirt looks very cute on you!

  63. Want that skirt!!! 🙂

  64. You’re good at mixing colors!


  65. Love the print of the skirt. Aren’t you a lucky little chicken. Yeah i’m not too brave or trusting with internet shopping either

  66. Skirt is great, fabris is beautiful! I never wear skirts at all – so I looked at it and though ooohh I could make some lovely makeup bags from that! I am useless 🙂
    Kandi xx

  67. i love this skirt, it’s so adorable. im following you. xo

  68. The pink dress is pretty sweeeeet!


  69. your skirt is so cute!

  70. SOrry dear, but i’m having so much work that only now i have the time to see this post. Loved the prints, look gorgeous on you. Hope you have a nice weekend and thanks for keep visiting me 🙂
    **wish you the best

  71. i love u daisychain!! ur outfit is amazing!!

  72. Loving these pieces! So pretty!

  73. mel

    you look gorgeous! i love tese prints, amazing

  74. such cute prints! And nice packaging is the best

  75. I love your skirt in the first photos!!

  76. superrr cute- adoree that pattern girl!

  77. I prefer your first outfit!:)


  78. hey gorgeous girl,

    hugs galore your way!!


    p.s. love the prints, more than anything, on these goodies. So pretttty. Me likey 🙂

    Have a good weekend, hun.

  79. those prints are SO cute. love polka dots and floral print together and they look great on ya

  80. Great review lovely, you’re so lucky to be able to review some great clothes!

  81. Gorgeous, darling!
    Love these prints!


  82. It is such a pretty skirt and I agree with you, packaging makes a lot of impact on me too.

    You know what, I bought a floral tights from H&M the other day because I was inspired by your different looks wearing patterned and printed tights. But sadly, when I got home and tried it on, I looked so funny. Why can’t I look like you do when you wear those tights? Hahaha! Wishful thinking. xoxo

  83. I love your skirt, it’s gorgeous!

  84. Thats a cute skirt! Oh, i hope things are managing fine! Take a deep breath, it helps. 😉

  85. i’m so liking the print on that skirt..cute 😉

    eclectic du jour

  86. great review! you are so good at mixing colours too.

    please, if you like come enter my little giveaway here: http://pinkwater-lily.blogspot.com/2010/05/teeny-tiny-giveaway.html

  87. beautiful floral designs looks great

  88. pretty items, love the skirt

  89. MJ

    Oh awesome, lucky you! I hope you are feeling better soon…

  90. cute outfits as always!

  91. such pretty prints on that skirt and dress!!

  92. Jen

    Such lovely pieces! I love the colour and print on the dress. In fact, they’re both utterly lovely! 🙂

  93. That skirt is amazing, love the shape and the adorable print! Hope you have been ok lovely xx

  94. I’ve always adore your printed dresses/ skirts/ clothes. I might be boring my readers for too much plain texture, I should be brave enough to try textures too!

  95. i love love love the prints skirt look sooo adorable (^^)

    please visit & follow me

  96. That top skirt is so lovely, I love the pattern and it definitely does look comfy.

  97. Love the print on the skirt!

  98. I love ur skirt in the first look, very cutee!

  99. Oh, the print on the skirt is so adorable!


  100. I still love your green tights the best 🙂

  101. Beautiful pieces, and you’ve styled them so eclectically and romantically!


  102. Beautiful prints! Sending you good vibes!

  103. haha aww, “you’re welcome” haha..
    Oo cute skirt and cute print !

  104. Somehow I feel the second outfit is kind of weird, maybe it’s just me >< But, I do like your first outfit =3 And, thanks for the early wish. I do hate online shopping as we can’t try the outfits to see if it fits, plus the shipping and all, and the waiting is not fun =( Kisses and hugs,

  105. cute outfits 🙂

    I love the skirt <3


  106. That pink dress is extremely pretty and looks great on you, dear!! Love it!!

  107. Anonymous

    you’ve got anorexia dont you….

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