monday blues

Happy new week! Did you have a good weekend? I promised an outfit post today so that’s what you get,
I’m wearing this blue dress from the H&M garden collection. I adore it, despite when first seeing the collection over looking it completley in favour of the nudes and florals. This is the only piece I bought and I’m pleased with my decision; at £12.99 it was a steal, too.





That’s pretty much all I have to say for myself today, short and sweet for once! Have a fabulous start to your week and I’ll be back with more new clothes outfit posts and a review soon!

Oh, and of course, thank you to those of you who have e-mailed about writing to me in hospital, I’ll make sure I have plenty of pretty stationary so I can reply to you!

And a HUGE thank you to Anna at MuchLove for the new header, go check out her gorgeous blog and see how talented she is!


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  1. Great dress!

    P.S. – ♥Please don’t forget to join the leather keychains GIVEAWAY!♥ Good luck! ♥

  2. The blue and green look AMAZING together.
    Wow 🙂

  3. Loving the ruffles on that dress

  4. elizabeth

    hey! when are you going into hospital, do you know?

    lovely dress, love the garden collection (i have a lovely coral dress)

    take care dear.

  5. Header is lovely 🙂
    Beautiful blue dress!!!

  6. Kel

    Love the new header, well done Anna!

    Great dress, I saw them in H&M, and for £12.99 you can’t beat it.

    X x

    p.s Hope everything goes well, thinking of you.

  7. Definitely LOVING the new header 🙂 She has a lovely blog so congrats!!! Also hope all is well in the hospital!! 🙂
    Love the tights 🙂

  8. Lovely post….Chic and fabulous!!!

  9. Lovely dress 🙂
    Really like the new header!
    Have a wonderful day =)

  10. you look lovely & I love the new header too 🙂
    have a great week, xoxo

  11. i love the dress ^^ it looks great on u and yay ruffles!

  12. I think I have said this a million times but you have fantastic style. I wish you could take me shopping. The tights look fantastic with the dress. Hope everything goes well at the hospital sweetie.

  13. I love both today’s outfit and pictures. The light is magical and you remind me of a mermaid…

    I know I haven’t been commenting much lately, but I always read your posts. Wishing you all the best honey!

  14. beautiful dress! suits you,m the colour looks great 🙂

    good luck in hospital, thinking of you <3 xx

  15. ah i nearly bought that dress too xxxxxxxxx

  16. Great dress! I love the colour combo you have put together here with your tights. All the best for your hospital visit love, hugs x

  17. That looks so pretty on you. I bet it feels it too!


  18. Great dress! Bargin!
    – Adele

  19. stunning! I LOVE the dress. I’ve never seen a style like that before, so it’s such a refreshing look. Also, the colour works so perfectly with those tights.

    Thank you for the shout out! xx

  20. Oooo I likey your dress alot. Plus it looks fantastic with the green tights!



  21. thats an amazing dress and together with the tights it looks fab:)

  22. Beautiful dress, and love the hues of blue!

  23. OMG! I love this blue dressss!

    ¡Besitos monosos fashionistas!

  24. loving the new header! And, I tried on the light pink version of this dress! It looks lovely on you; love how you paired it with the tights. 🙂


  25. yes i had a great week end
    you looks great nice outfit ,

    hey new header nice looks cool

  26. I adore your new header!! And the blue goes so well with the teal tights:)


  27. Thanks for the congrats. The day went perfectly, not one hitch so Im well chuffed. Will be putting more pic’s up soon, when I have more time to edit them. Or friend me on Facebook. Chantele Cross-Jones now!
    Love the colour on those tights!

  28. Which H&M had the garden collection in? I have been eying up a few bits but didn’t think we had it in Bristol!

    Also if you want any updates put up while you are in hospital (or want any open letters scanned and published) then just let me/Trudi know x

  29. Love that dress and the poses lady 🙂 Kept meaning to comment about the new title bar, its lovely! x

  30. That dress is so pretty! And I love the colors! Very spring-summery.

  31. Such a pretty dress, and it looks so good on you!


  32. You look great!


    p.s love the new header.

  33. sweet header!! i picked up goodies for your care package yesterday. im exploding with excitement. I just need to get over to the post office 🙂
    Also, you look like a mermaid, and I love it.

  34. i love all the ruffles on that blue H&M dress. It looks lovely on you and goes nicely with your green tights.

  35. That’s a beautiful dress – it goes really well with the tights. And the new header is lovely.

  36. wow dress is amazing

  37. cool header! and the dress, im such a sucker for anything blue!

  38. Jen

    aww this dress is absolutely gorgeous on you!
    and i’m loving the new banner by the way 🙂

  39. That dress is gorgeous! Especially paired with those tights, excellent combination! I love H&M, this just seals the deal, I need to go there asap!

  40. Looking beautiful in blue dearest – I love the new header.

    As you know, I know exactly what you are/have/will be going through so if you ever need anyone to talk to, i’m here for you hun x

    Merci beaucoup for your lovely comment darling =]

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
    English Rose x

  41. never lose the sense of fashion and the love for things you like to do…
    amazing tunic…and the colour of ur tights is just WOW!
    kisses & hugs from Peru

  42. Leia

    love your new header! And the dress, oh my, the color combination is SO lovely.

  43. That is a crazy good deal. Beautiful color!

  44. Lovely dress and fab colour on you.
    I meant to mention your blog header the other day, it’s so pretty and so you.

  45. ooooooh love how you paired it with the green tights! you look great in it!

  46. hii i gave you a circle of friends award ! come see

  47. What a lovely dress! You look fab in the pics 🙂


  48. Fab dress – tried it on in the nude colour but much prefer the blue. Need to look out for it in Glasgow. xx

  49. anna did a great job with the header and you for rocking this nice dress! 😉


  50. Great colour combo there xx

  51. This is perfect on you great colour too I looked at the crazy floral print one but walked away from it not really sure why. I can see you will get alot of wear from this little number xoxo

  52. Beautiful photos today!

    I love the combination of the dress color and the tights color. So pretty.

  53. So pretty on you, its a really lovely colour too xx

  54. i love the detailing on it!

  55. Beauitful colours 🙂
    I hope your hospital visit goes well for you, do you know when you go?
    Remember to keep us updated,

  56. Youll be able to wear this dress in so many ways! It looks great with your tights! What’s amazing is that you can dress it up or down with just a few accessories. Great buy!

  57. wow what a cool dress ! and it’s soo cool with those leggings 🙂

  58. I love the colour of the dress!! It suits you so well. You’ll be missed when you go to the hospital!!

  59. I. Want. Your. Dress. That’s all 🙂 xoxo

  60. I hope you have a fabulous start of the week too 🙂

    That dress is lovely!

    Hey I just noticed your banner is new!! way to go it’s cute!


  61. I almost bought that same dress in peach!

    It looks better on you than it did on me, though.


  62. E

    That dress is amazing! And what cool tights again!!

  63. lovin’ that shade of blue on you.


  64. This dress is so pretty! That colour looks gorgeous on you.

  65. Love that beautiful blue color and the cascading ruffles! What a gorgeous dress!


  66. beautiful dress, I love the ruffle details, and great colors combination!


  67. I would love to have you model for me 🙂 hehe come to New york!!

    visit my photography blog when you get the chance 🙂

    Lindsey Mak

  68. ohmylordy, you are a stinking supermodel!! this is a beautiful color on you. tres chic.
    new celebrity dress up vlog. good times.

  69. I just wanted to say that that colour is absolutely gorgeous on you and that I am very, very proud and happy to know you 🙂

  70. gorgeous as always beauty!
    i really love this dress.. stunning.

  71. That dress is GORGEOUS!!

  72. This is nice, but my favorites are your previous ones =)

    Thanks for the comment.

    With sunshine & wind,

  73. This is nice, but I love your previous outfits best =)

    And the new header is very lovely.

    As always, thanks for the comment. Really appreciate getting a comment from someone who dresses awesome!

    With sunshine & wind,

  74. LOVE the color blue on you!!
    that is your color!!

    hope you are doing well!
    sending positive thoughts to you!

  75. Loving that blue and with the green tights!!! Amazing!!

  76. the colour of your socks is very nice!!!

  77. ooh that dress is lovely on you sweetie, i still so need to check the garden collection out!

    and the header is fab 🙂

  78. Lovely dress,the color looks great on you!
    Love your new header.


  79. You made a great decision with this dress. It’s gorgeous!


  80. That’s a beautiful dress. I tried the pink one on a couple of weeks ago and didn’t get it as I wasn’t sure how to wear it but this one looks fantastic on you. Wish I’d bought it myself now!

  81. That dress is pretty, Your outfit reminds me of a mermaidy seacreature with the ruffles, trés beautiful!

  82. what a pretty blue! the side ruffles are just gorgeous dear! it looks lovely

  83. such a cute outfit!

  84. Laura, you look beautiful: this is the most beautiful dress and those colours together are my favourite.

    I hadn’t visited your blog for a few days and when I saw ‘hospital’.. I’m reading back, and I’ll indeed send an email to find out how to reach you.

    The first thing I noticed is your LOVELY new header, well done to Anna at Much Love, which is fitting, as that’s what I’m sending you. xox

  85. Great blog <3
    I would like to invite you to my giveaway – you can win great makeup and accessories :)) Please check it out:

  86. LOVE your new header! And the color of that dress on your is really pretty.

  87. Gorgeous. Love the mix of colors here!

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads

  88. really nice pictures!!!!! you look so so cute!!!!!! kissesss

  89. Wonderful dress….love the ruffles! And the color combination of the dress and tights is lovely!

  90. Absolutely gorgeous, darling!
    Love this color combo!


  91. I just saw this dress on another blog and was commenting on how incredible the color is! It doesn’t get old… and I love that you’ve made it so fresh with the green tights. So adorable 🙂


  92. That color looks great on you!

  93. I love that dress. What a great color!!

  94. and how amazing do those colors look together!!!!

  95. Iva

    I am so glad you are getting better! please take care of yourself always..that is #1!! 🙂

    great tights!

  96. love your dress! know we are always here for you sweetie x

    High street + Couture =

  97. So cute! I love all the colors of this outfit. Very chic. Lots of love and postive thoughts your way!

  98. So glad the header is new and I’m not getting old…remember my last comment. Love the header.

    That dress really suits u.

    Dena xoxo

  99. that blue dress is so pretty! love it 🙂

  100. I love your dress! I’m planning to go buy the same one sooN!


    cute blog!

    I am now following.
    follow me too yeah?


  101. Your blog is so inspirational!
    I love the outfit posts you do, you have great style,
    Will be back for more 🙂

    Hope your can check out mine and maybe follow

  102. i really like the mixture of those two colors!

    if you have time, i would appreciate it if you could come to my blog and vote for my illustrations!

  103. i am madly in love with those tights!!! 🙂

  104. Pia

    love the ruffles down the side 🙂

  105. love the ruffle-y tunic

  106. LOVING IT! rock on girl!

  107. what i really love is how you’ve paired that blue back to the green tights. truly a great combo, looks so fresh!

    hugs x

  108. its so dramatic! I just love clothes that are actually fun to wear!

  109. Your new header is darling! And I love how you combined the blue dress with the jade stockings! So creative!

  110. you always looks cute,,, 🙂
    nice pict daisy 🙂

  111. Such beautiful shades of blue!


  112. Pretty dress, and love your header!

  113. Fantastic! I love the colors

  114. Oh, Laura, you should always wear this color. Your skin is glowing like crazy. Beautiful!


  115. J`adore darling, you look stunning:)

  116. Lovely dress. The ruffles down the side are so pretty. I’d love to write to you… will pm you on MSE. x

  117. J.

    This dress is so pretty! I saw it too when I went to H&M this week, but they didnt have it in my size 🙁

  118. first I love he new header laura! congrats to anna!
    second, I have that dress in nude, and saw the blue one when I was back at home this past week, but thought that having the same dress although in different colors would be too much ha! anyway you rock it so well 🙂

  119. Taj

    you look so pretty!!!

  120. Taj

    you look so pretty!!!

  121. great outfit laura. my heart goes out to you!



  122. What hospital thing? Did you go? Hope everything checked out ok.

    Have a Happy Christmas

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