Hello Fluffy

Jumper: New Look
Jeans: Primark
Shoes: Converse
Oh how I love this jumper from New Look. It was a lot for me to spend on one item of clothing but it was love at first sight. A lot of the fluffy jumpers I’ve seen  this season have been quite itchy inside but this one is soft all the way through and I’ve practically lived in it since I bought it home.
My favourite combination for it is with jeans and converse for the ultimate laid back look. I’ve been really impressed with these £9 skinnies from Primark, so far they have worn and washed well which I didn’t expect.
I’m not quite sure how we find ourselves at Monday again. It’s back to work for me today after a week off with sciatica I’m raring to go. I’m one of those people who hates sitting around the house with no purpose.
Well, lets get started then…
Have you seen any gorgeously soft fluffy knits on the highstreet? I’m after some more.

P.S. Sam who commented on yesterdays post…drop me an e-mail lovely, I’d rather talk about it that way for now x

13 comments for “Hello Fluffy

  1. I love this! New Look is always good for knitwear, (and shoes and boots, and scarves…) it looks perfect with jeans.
    I’m not sure how Monday is here again do soon…

  2. oh your jumper looks so cozy 🙂 very pretty outfit x


  3. Mmmmmmm fluffy. I haven’t gone with the fluff this season, the idea of the itchiness and the malting is off putting, but my favourite heavy knit is back on track as my weekend uniform. So cosy. Happy Monday.

  4. I love a fluffy jumper that doesn’t feel like it’s trying to eat you when you wear it. That one is fab and I’m loving the pink Converse 🙂 xx

  5. That jumper looks very cosy. I’ve seen a few nice ones in H&M.

  6. That looks like one great jumper for this time of year!

  7. Love this look, what a gorgeous jumper. Have been looking high and low for the perfect black fluffy one with sparkles for a while … the search continues! Pink converse can totally brighten up any grotty October day ! <3

    Sophie x soinspo

  8. Love this jumper – it looks so cosy. x

  9. The fluffy sweater is perfect. i need to get my hands on one for the upcoming season. And don’t get me started on ripped at the knees jeans!


  10. Oooh, hello fluffy indeed! I wore a fluffy jumper today! It was ASOS last year- very nice!
    Can we have a closeup of your necklace please?!?!x

  11. I always mistake itchy woolly jumpers for fluffy ones. I put them on and five minutes later I’m going crazy trying to scratch myself

  12. I love fluffy jumpers but I agree with Sophie, they always turn out itchy on me 🙁

    Maria xxx