Sarenza Sunday- Hard Worker

This week for my Sarenza Sunday feature I was determined not to showcase yet another ankle boot, which was tough because there are just so many awesome pairs in stock right now.
Instead I decided to focus on a party shoe, what with Christmas and all it’s festive gatherings soon to be here and all.
Kat Maconie’s Sylvia Shoe may cost £250 but I think it’ll be a worthy investment if you have the money to spend.
It’s bold and black and would go with everything from the infamous LBD to a smart pair of jeans and awesome jumper.
I’d love to own these and showcase just how many ways that can be worn,
sadly budget does not allow and party season will be firmly in flats for me once again. Maybe next year eh?
I can’t wait to see what other party fabulous shoes Sarenza get in, that site is lethal for my shoe cravings.

6 comments for “Sarenza Sunday- Hard Worker

  1. Sam

    Hi Laura, I’m in recovery too and I was wondering if you would consider making a post about the things you find helpful in staying well? And the types of foods you eat and meal plan etc. Also I dont know if you have ever been in hospital for it but how did you find it? My dr says i might go, but im scared. I heard its likely that people have more than one inpatient admission too which is scary. Did you find this and how did you cope? Im so sorry if this is too personal or triggering, just ignore anything that makes you uncomfortable. I just wanted to ask but please dont feel you have to answer it all. Only what you feel comfy talking about.
    All the best

  2. Oh goodness those are gorgeous!

  3. yes yes yes ! these are lush x

  4. Very stylish. I adore the gold detailing. It adds so much to the piece.

  5. The gold triangle detailing on these is gorgeous, so unique & party perfect 🙂

    Sophie <3 soinspo