Hello Pretty: Doris Designs

My inbox is a constant source of wishlist increasing e-mails. Last week one popped up from Doris Designs and despite never having owned one in my life, I had a sudden lusting for a petticoat a big, ballerina style petticoat.

Doris Designs launches petticoat skirts for adults and children.
They will get your heartbeat running away and are quite unlike anything you would find on the high street. Based on the 50s style petticoat, but with a twist. Each adult skirt is made of over 36 meters of light chiffon, giving them a beautiful bounce and a soft feel against the skin.

Adults come in 18” and 21” length with an elasticated waistband to suit all sizes as well as all sizes for the young ones. Available in a range of vintage colours through to more bold shades, such as hot pink.

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, now is the perfect time to wear it pink!

The adult shorter length petticoats cost £63 and the longer length cost £65. Children’s designs start at £35.

Available at dorisdesigns.co.uk

These make me wish I had stuck with the ballet lessons when I was younger (I was blessed with the grace of an Elephant!)

How would you wear a petticoat?


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  1. These are devine! I used to love my tutu as a kid, think I might look a little crazy in one now mind! (bumps in all the wrong places!)

    My youngest would love this as she has a few dresses that “swirl” as she puts it!

    X x

  2. I love these. My girls would love them too so pretty. I would wear them under a pretty dress with a twirly skirt.

  3. Ah so cute – I would love a baby girl so I can get her one of these!!x

  4. These are gorgeous, although I think people would think me a little odd if I was to start wearing one to Tesco… ;o)

  5. L

    I love a good tutu but I’m not sure I could carry it off! Lovely product photography though.
    L x

  6. So féminin, they would bring out the ballerina in anyone 🙂

  7. that’s so cool but i have no idea how i’d wear one! ^_^

  8. I wish I had of done ballet too…my mum took me out because I was stompy and I couldn’t skip 🙁 xx

  9. They are gorgeous – I wish I’d stuck with ballet too x

  10. I love love love these. I used to have a petticoat when i was a little girl, and i used to prance around in that and a leotard randomly.
    I can’t wait to have petticoats under my wedding dress, i like the swishing. xxx

  11. Very nice! I have one similar to this but it’s white- it was from Vivien of Holloway, 1940’s and 50’s replica specialists- I wear it under one of their dresses- 1950’s rock n’ roll but I’ve also worn it under long circle skirts for swing dancing! Did you get one then?

  12. Wow, I have a couple of 50s repro dressess they would look great under, particularly one I made last month. Need one, now! 🙂

  13. omg these are so pretty!

  14. omg these are so pretty!

  15. omg these are so pretty!

  16. omg these are so pretty!

  17. I definitely feel a proper massive petticoat is something every girl should own, and sadly I do not (yet!)

    Definitely heading over to have a look at these – thanks for sharing!

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  19. Anonymous

    Why be deficient in knowledge? Google image, You Tube & EBay search terms—fustanella; Evzones; Albanians; Greek folk dance. Gee, to think so many are unaware that petticoats are just as much for the other sex also. Because they’re about having a waist and legs, and not anything else. European noblemen 1640-1685 wore “petticoat breeches.” Some people think all the fun in life should be reserved exclusively to them.

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