Hint Hint

Have I mentioned I have a Birthday coming up?

I keep getting asked by various friends and family members what I would like, and so far my answer has been
“I don’t know”
so, with a couple of hours to myself, I’ve finally sat down and done some browsing for present ideas, although sadly these are more dreams than reality.

Personalised tea caddies! These would be utterly perfect for work, it would mean I could take my herbal teas and not worry about them going wandering in to someone else’s mug! No one should ever suffer the trauma of their favourite tea being stolen!

I LOVE Deckchairs, and awesome prints. Combine the two and you have Laura heaven. I’m pretty sure I could make use of these all year round…in the garden for Summer, and plonked smack bang in the middle of the living room for Winter reading (hence why this is one of those dream, rather than reality gifts!) The pigeon print is just incredible…who doesn’t like jelly and pigeons?!

Allotment starter kit! I’ve mentioned before my yearning to be a gardener and one of these would be the ideal starter I’m sure. Although it doesn’t quite solve the dilemma of where to grow the things. I’m sure I could dig up the tulips to make space though (the tulips that I thought were poppies…perhaps there is no hope!)

This portable sun lounger is just genius…with this oh so rare weather we’ve been enjoying it’d be great to handily have a lounger I could pop up when and where I fancy! Work car park? Not a problem. Side of the road? Such a sun trap. Impromptu picnic in the park? I hope you’ve bought along your servants to hand feed me grapes whilst I recline in style!

What do you think?

(of the ideas and my chances of getting them?!)


21 comments for “Hint Hint

  1. That sun lounger is genius! Bet if you got it it’d jinx the weather and we’d get rain all summer though 😉

  2. The deck chairs are so cool! I love the duck one 🙂

  3. Love the deckchairs!

  4. I want a deckchair too!!!

  5. Jelly and pigeons are an amazing combination! Who’d have thought??

  6. Where do you find these awesome things!? I am a massive fan of the portable sun lounger – think you could definitely persuade your family/unsuspecting friends into getting you that. Not tooooo sure about the allotment starter kit, all seems like a bit too much work! Although I don’t think flower identification is necessary – plant the seeds and then see what happens 🙂 <3 xxx

  7. The portable sun lounger is somethign else! Could be great for the beach 🙂

  8. The deckchairs are super cute! Hope you get one. xx

  9. Lea

    This last colourful thing would be so great to lie in the sun in summer 🙂


  10. Oooh, I so want a deck chair, and those are some of the lovliest I’ve seen!

  11. Great pressie ideas!

  12. Those sun loungers are mega cute! Some great present ideas, hope you get em’:D xx

  13. great gift ideas! I am always so terrible at deciding what I want that is actually reasonable as well. Those are great!


  14. those deckchairs are perfection!!
    whens your birthday!???
    how exciting, i hope you get at least one of the things you’re loving 🙂

  15. I love all of those items when it’s my birthday I may ask you to make a list and pass it onto my Hubby for me cause I love your taste.

  16. I’m upset now – I really want that pigeon deckchair but I’ve just looked at the price … SOB!

  17. Great present ideas. I love the portable deck lounger! I was at the Matalan Press Day yesterday and they have some fantastic home stuff. I definitley want some of those for my birthday (which is ages away).

  18. Those deckchairs are fab!! x

  19. Sure it was a wonderful weekend!, I’m happy for you!, your outfit is georgeous!