Jazzy[y] Pants

Sometimes impulse buys work out perfectly,
the trousers below, for example were chucked in my Primark basket on the dash to the checkout, with the rationalisation that “at only Β£8 they’ll be fine to sleep in” after my mission for both trousers AND PJs had failed (or I lost motivation in the heat and seething crowds).

They were the first thing I tried on when I got home. I rarely try things on in shops. It was love at first fit.





Surprisingly smart. Ever so comfy…a little bit “crazy cat spinster”. I bet you I live in these. Sadly these photos were taken for the sole purpose of the blog,
it’s not warm enough outside today to wear the sockless shoes required. But soon, I have hope that they will make their public debut soon.

What I’m actually wearing today is my loved Daisy dress from Matalan and some ultra comfy leggings to accommodate my sore tum.


Awkward posing is a given.

I’m busy this week,
I’m sorry if I don’t stop by blogs as much as usual. I promise an epic catch up spree as soon as I get a chance!

What was your best impulse buy?


44 comments for “Jazzy[y] Pants

  1. Those pants look really comfy. The print is so nice too. Best impulse buy? Ben and I bought an iMac today πŸ™‚

  2. S_S

    beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!!!!!!! xxxx

  3. they really suit you!

  4. They are gorgeous on you I love them and the little bird print is super cute. My local Primark is pants it would never stock anything remotely fashion forward xoxo

  5. I haven’t had an impulse buy in a long time not enough money πŸ™

    I love those pants though they look so comfy, definitely something I’d live in πŸ™‚

  6. you look amazing in those trousers!

  7. Those trousers are so sweet I love the print on them.

  8. love those trousers. that outfit looks perfect on you xx

  9. Angela

    Love your jazzy pants, such a great find. I loved them even more when the close-up showed the birds. Are they macaws? Hope the tummy fixes itself up! Have a great week x

  10. Love the trousers! they remind me of Joeys turkey pants in friends but in a good way! They do look comfy! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress!!

  11. Those pants are AWESOME! I have a thing for hareem pants at the moment, and don’t even have a pair. V. Jealous. panda xo

  12. I looooove these! I have such a hard time in any trousers except jeans – these look so great on you though, jealous!
    I’m really bad at impulse buying, usually I ummm and aah for weeks and then decide I want the thing, go back to the shop and it’s gone and I’m left in the horrible buyer’s remorse cycle wahh πŸ™

  13. Ahh, you are so beautiful. Those trousers look absolutely lovely. Hope you’re feeling better soon. I guess my biggest impulse buy would be a holiday to Turkey for three days four years ago..not a great choice…but the best has to be the pixieknitwear jumper, i have been living in it πŸ™‚ xxx

  14. that daisy dress is TOO cute ahh!!! the pants look great too, as pjs of course, but with some sexy heels you could wear them out and about

  15. Those trousers definitely look really confortable. I’m on the lookout for a pair of trousers that I can lounge around in, and these seem perfect.

    The Matalan dress is seriously so gorgeous. I wish there was one near me!

  16. those pants look so fun and snug, love the detailing on them.

  17. You look fab in that daisy dress, I knew you would it’s very you!!
    I like the pattern on your slouchy pants they are sweet.
    Kandi x

  18. I admire anyone who can brave this style of trousers. Sarah Scribbles rocked a similar pair a couple of weeks ago too.

    They look fab on you – maybe I should brave it myself.

    Also loving the Daisy dress, great for spring.

    My impulse purchases are always a disaster, I don’t think I’ve had one that turned out to be a success.

  19. Ahhh, this internet won’t let me see your lovely trousers πŸ™ When I get home I’ll have a look, but I’m sure they look beautiful πŸ™‚ xxx

  20. ahhhh i’m totally wearing that dress today too!! amazing haha xx

  21. How to you rock primarni impulse buys so beautifully? Yeah, I am pretty jealous at your beautifullness! Where was your top from, too? I like that also! Im on a mish to buy tops this week!

    lovelovelove xxx

  22. i love this style xxx

  23. I love your Daisy dress!! So cut and perfect for this summer!!
    My best impulse buy was shoes!!
    I’m crazy about shoes!! They were wonderful but very expensive πŸ˜›

  24. I love those, they really suit you!

  25. Oooh! They’re so adorable =D Good impule buy! I tend to impulse buy a lot in charity shops… Then again I tend to buy a lot generally in charity shops πŸ˜‰


  26. leggins are so comfy ^^ and i love ur daisy dress :3

  27. leggins are so comfy ^^ and i love ur daisy dress :3

  28. Love the daisy dress!!! πŸ™‚ β™₯


  29. I’m always so jealous when you show that daisy print dress!

  30. Love the print on those pants, that dress is so pretty on you you always look so beautiful in it xoxo

  31. Amazing trousers!

  32. As always you look lovely πŸ™‚ I have a pair of crazy print trousers which I love but am never brave enough to wear very often but you have inspired me! That daisy dress is so lovely,l daisies always remind me of you πŸ™‚

    Maria xxx

    P.S. Will hopefully write my letter to you tomorrow πŸ˜€

  33. Ooooh, such a great impulse buy, they look great! xx

  34. OOh they look comfy!

  35. Mat

    i like a jazzy trew

  36. those trousers are fab, just what I need. Hope you get to wear them out soon! http://cgdn.blogspot.com/

  37. those trousers are fab, just what I need. Hope you get to wear them out soon! http://cgdn.blogspot.com/

  38. those trousers are fab, just what I need. Hope you get to wear them out soon! http://cgdn.blogspot.com/

  39. Loving the trousers- this shape of jersey trouser have become my go to for easy wear and reasonably smart as the can be paired with so many different things. I’m still in love with the daisy dress too.

    Enjoy the catch up, I’m slowly working through all the blogs I’ve missed whilst away. Note to self- 2 days is way too long to leave blogs unread.

  40. Those trousers are fab! Definitely a happy accident, but it does mean you still need to find pyjamas!

  41. Fantastic trousers. What a lovely print. And yay for the daisy dress, it’s classic Laura. x

  42. Daisy dress is gorgeous!! πŸ˜€