Horsing Around

Jumper c/o Ax Paris, ASOS shorts, Blink boots c/o Sarenza.

How cute is this jumper? I can’t resist anything with an animal on it and this one from Ax Paris jumped out at me from between the party dresses. I love that it’s a slouchy jumper with more fitted sleeves, it’s also REALLY soft which is a complete winner.

I’m really excited to be able to wear these ASOS shorts again. They have been too big for ages, but now they are perfect again and I will probably live in them.

I think this outfit was from Saturday which was mainly spent recovering from Friday. We finally got our Christmas tree up and I have been loving re-discovering favourite ornaments…

Hello Kitty from BHS
Owl from Sainsburys (set of three)
Cat from Past Times

Tell me about your favourite ever decoration…


27 comments for “Horsing Around

  1. Very nice outfit, yey for the shorts fitting now that’s great news. I’m loving anything horse print at the moment, this jumper would be right up my street.

    my favourite decoration is our Barbie angel, she topped our tree for 5 years but this year I’ve gone with a traditional angel. I think this was a mistake, she will be back next year lol. love the cat bauble.

    janine xx

  2. I love your jumper 🙂 animal jumpers are the best! Your decorations are super cute too. I think my favourite decoration are some handmade wooden, pink painted ballerinas. They are really pretty and remind me of Christmas because we always used to go to a ballet around this time of year. X

  3. Love your sweater! Wish I can pull off a winter look in my country 🙂


  4. Love it 🙂 We have started buying a new decoration every year, and this year we got one from Bath Christmas Market which is covered in oriental floral patterns.

  5. Love your sweater! Wish I can pull off a winter look in my country 🙂


  6. lovely jumper! I just like the co-ordinting baubles (boring) but loathe the creepy clowns my nan gave us. They do not get put on the tree!

  7. I have the Hello Kitty Bauble too 😀 x

  8. I love your jumper! My favourite decoration is this fuzzy penguin that we have, he’s so cute! xxx

  9. You’ve got a pretty stellar jumper collection yourself too, Laura!

    Morag x

  10. Love the jumper and the shorts. My Mum’s Christmas tree is amazing/ridiculous, she has every decoration me and my brother ever made as kids, even though all the glitter has long since disappeared into the carpet! xx

  11. Loving your outfit; away from your endless stunning style – your owl decoration is lovely, such a cutie.

    My favourite decorations, hmmm – I love our little father Christmas pine cone & gingerbread baker decorations at work, I tragically love my rather pants making I made when I was 7, she is a fairy & comes out every year.

    Are you nearly ready for Christmas lovely? xxx

  12. Ooh i like this jumper! I may have to get it. I love it when they have the more fitted sleeves. I feel like I have made a bit more effort than if i was in a massive oversized jumper!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie.com xx

  13. Great tree – and LOVE the jumper! I have a slight obsession with animals on clothes too! xx

  14. Ooooh I love the jumper! Well done on the shorts too, the look lovely! xx

  15. OMG HELLO KITTY BAUBLE?! I put my (pink) Christmas tree up about 10 minutes ago and my favourite deccy is a Buddha I got a little before Christmas.

    Cute horse jumper, weirdly I dreamt about horses last night.

  16. I’m going to be typically “mumsie” about my favourite decorations – they are the clay angle and tree the boys made at school one year -)
    Love the horse jumper xx

  17. looove your cute jumper, and i NEED that hello kitty baulbaul in my life! x


  18. Ah if only I could find a hello kitty decoration here – I know someone that would have loved to have one of them!

  19. Red

    I really love your printed jumpers. I feel that they’re pretty expensive though, I should have put a request in for santa.

  20. I love the print on that jumper, it’s so cute!


  21. Aww your decorations are so cute!

  22. I love love love that jumper. I love how you can wear things like that and it makes you look cool and stylish! I cannot pull off those types of outfits. I think it is because you are so long. And cool. Don’t forget cool.

    My fav tree decoration were these bells, we had 4 of them and they made wonderful sound. If they are on the tree when I go home this year, I may steal them.

  23. That jumper is lovely and very you. My favourite decoratons are mine and my brother’s birth date baubles – way back from the 80s- a keepsake for sure xxx

  24. super, super cute and I love your boots too!

  25. I hope you don’t mind but I’ll be coming over and jumper-napping that one from you ;). I love horses and I’ve become weirdly enamoured with jumpers.
    Is it too late to add things to my Christmas list or should I just keep my fingers crossed for some Christmas pennies? hehe

  26. I need to sneak a few Hello Kitty decs onto my tree!! xx