How do you read yours?

I remember when Kindles first came out and I was really against the idea. I’ve always been a bookworm and thought I’d never want to replace the smell and feel of a real book with a piece of technology.
Since then I’ve been forced to eat my words and take back what I said about the Kindle, especially now having recently acquired the new Paperwhite 3G version which makes reading on the go even easier.
My photo of my new friend doesn’t really show just how bright the screen is (and you can adjust the brightness to suit you), it means no more struggling to read in bed at night or on a gloomy bus or train. No more disturbing the person next to you with a bedside lamp or reading torch and with the 3G facility as soon as you’ve finished a book you can download another without needing to be connected to the wireless network.

My current read is Les Miserables, I’ve long been a fan of the classics alongside today’s literature and I’ve been itching to read this for some time now. My new Kindle has given the perfect excuse to take the plunge although it’s an epic of a book and with most of my free time after work spent blogging it’ll probably take me months and months to read…still I’m determined to plough my way through.

And what about those printed books that I swore I’d never replace? Well, I haven’t replaced them. I use my kindle most when I’m on the go- I take it to Ben’s and it really came in to it’s own on holiday (more luggage allowance for shopping!). It stops me getting bored and annoying fellow passengers on the bus too.
When I’m at home though I do like to curl up with a good old fashioned book though, the best of both worlds in my opinion!

What are your thoughts on kindles? Any books I MUST read?

Oh, and link me to the snazziest cases/covers you can find.


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9 comments for “How do you read yours?

  1. I loved my kindle when I first got it but now Im back to books, my kindle is convienient but a book feels so nice, nothing beats the page turning feel!

  2. I definitely need to buy one of these..
    My attic is currently overrun with old books and I have no idea what to do with them!
    I think this would come in so handy but I do love the smell of books!


  3. Louise W

    40,000+ free e-books at 🙂 worth a look if you like the classics

  4. I’m still somewhat on the fence when it comes to kindles and similar devices, I love the real copy of books too much. Although Joe really wants to get me so it’s easier to read comics that we download as I really struggle reading them off the computer screen.

  5. i’m still not a kindle convert, like you said i love the feel of a real book! also i buy a lot of books in charity shops because i read so much and paying for kindle versions would get pretty pricey x

  6. I’ve never caved I’m but is love one for holiday and since being pregnant I’m often awake in the middle of the night and it would be an ideal way to read until I fall asleep without disturbing my husband. X

  7. Aw, Les Mis is my favorite book!

  8. I never thought i would go to electronic books but now I LOVE reading on my ipad now. However nothing will ever beat the feel of a hardcopy book – i dont think i will ever completely give up hardcopy books.

  9. I love my Kindle, it’s perfect for reading on the train to and from work. Especially for those days when I’ve almost finished one book and would have needed to take two with me. Plus in its case it’s way less likely to get ruined by rain walking to the station than a proper book [as much as I love them].