Sarenza Sunday- well, they aren’t black…

Ok so this week’s Sarenza Sunday pick is yet another ankle boot but they aren’t black for once (although they do come in black too)
I’m really loving both the red and the navy colour way of the Victoire by Any Boots although at £140 a pair I’d have to choose between them and I’d probably end up with black just for the versatility.
If black didn’t exist though I have to say I am quite enjoying the red, there’s something about a splash of colour to brighten up a dull Winter day right?
Which colour would you pick?

5 comments for “Sarenza Sunday- well, they aren’t black…

  1. Those boots are fab! I can totally see the orange ones on you!

  2. Oooh love these- have got the dupey red version from Boohoo. Agree about a splash of colour, now winter has hit it would be wrong not to!

  3. Love the shoes. These are stunning.
    Hope you will visit mine too.
    Greetings from Pakistan!

    Maria Speaks Prada