(I lack) patience

How many things can go wrong in one week? I think I’ve lost count over the last seven days (someone send my family some luck, please!) To add insult to injury, my laptop decided to defy my hefty anti-virus protection and get itself infected past a point where I could fix it myself and is therefore taking a little (costly) holiday to be repaired. I’m borrowing the laptop time forgot, an ancient Dell that, no joke, takes ten minutes to load one page. Needless to say it cannot cope with updating a blog with more than one photo, and my patience is wearing thin enough writing this one post…so I guess I’m going on a little hiatus until I am reunited with my computer, which, if things go well should be mid-week. Barely a hiatus really, some bloggers only update once a week, but I’m a daily addict and I have a list as long as my legs of posts I want to share. Frustrated, but really, it’s the least of my worries!


A little reminder to us all.

Whilst I’m “away” don’t forget to enter my giveaway with Madam Rage on the post below!

And to anyone else struggling through tought times…don’t ever give up hope. I’m a form believer that things turn out ok in the end, and already the week ahead promises to be better for me, at least.


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  1. Download blogger for your smart phone OR update by email? Not ideal but not impossible. Chin up babe xx

  2. Hope your laptop is sorted soon. I can well understand the frustrations that a slow computer can cause.

  3. Hope your laptop gets better soon!

    X x

  4. Hope you are reunited soon!
    Mine needs to go to be mended but I can’t bear to part with it haha


  5. Grrrr… je comprends votre irritation, en ce qui me concerne lorsque je me trouvais aux Philippines j’avais emporté avec moi un petit netbook (l’horreur!!). J’avais le même souci que vous. En plus la connexion internet n’était pas fiable… le résultat fut que j’avais renoncé à son utilisation, même pour des mails…
    Je vous fais de gros bisous et à bientôt.

  6. Oh no! I hope things get better for you soon! I know how frustrating it is to be without a laptop it’s the most annoying thing! We don’t realise how much we rely on them haha. Look forward to your daily posts again soon xxx

  7. I hope things get better for you soon. On the computer front, I know the feeling! I don’t even HAVE a computer anymore, and at the moment I am staying with my parents for a little break for a week, and I am stuck using my Dads old laptop, also takes VERY long to load and turns off randomly! But actually, its quite the luxury as I’m not used to even having that!

    Karys x

  8. Ah I hate computer troubles, always happen at the worst times too! Hope it gets fixed soon! X

  9. Think of all that extra shopping time you have if you can’t update your blog.


  10. I hope your back soon! I will miss your daily updates!


  11. Good positive attitude! There’s always hope!
    Hope to ‘see’ you soon!

  12. Good positive attitude! There’s always hope!
    Hope to ‘see’ you soon!

  13. Missing you already! Hope your computer is better soon…

    Maria xxx

  14. Ahh hope it all works out soon! This is a lovely post (well, the inspirational bit – not the fact things haven’t gone great this week! :()

    whatrebeccasaid.blogspot.com xxx

  15. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂 Remember how far you’ve come and what an amazing and beautiful person you are, inside and out!

  16. Aaah I really hope things start looking up soon 🙂
    Yours was the first blog I ever read (back when I didn’t even really know what as blog was and definitely didn’t know how to follow properly!) and I still love it now. What a lovely post this is xxx


  17. Sending you luck! Hope things start looking up soon lovely

  18. Eugh, sorry you’ve had a crap week. I hope things pick up. X

  19. Sorry to hear of your computer woes. It does happen. Best of luck dealing with your frustrations and any anxiety. There was a period when my own computer was down prior to a software update. I get very slow loading from on Twitter. I only post on Blogger erratically once or twice a month if that, but I can still sympathize. Love that quote titled: “Keep Going”.

  20. Gah how frustrating! Hope you get your laptop back soon

  21. Oh crikey that is so annoying I agree with the other posters download blogger for your phone and you can update that way. The only problem is I’ve found half written blogs that i’ve written in my half asleep mode with no knowledge and they make no sense. Prepare yourself for that!



  22. LOVE YOUR BLOG <33
    i’m following you
    mind to follow back? 🙂


  23. Sorry about your bad luck and your laptop 🙁 hope everything picks up soon!
    Thanks for the inspiring quote, I live by this: “It will all be OK in the end… if it’s not OK, it’s not the end”.

  24. I find laptops to be the most annoying of technological beasts! I have such a bad track record with them but I hope yours gets fixed and better soon!

  25. I really do believe that things happen for a reason so fingers crossed something wonderful is round the corner for you..
    Emma xx

  26. I hope your laptop gets better soon! X

  27. Mat

    everything going wrong at once, make good use of no internet and enjoy yourself

  28. Yes mam! Better get outside then shall I?

    | Bright Green Laces |

  29. Yes mam! Better get outside then shall I?

    | Bright Green Laces |

  30. Aww hope everything works out real soon! Should upgrade to a Apple… best invention ever, plus you won’t get viruses 🙂 xxx

  31. Anonymous

    I agree, My big moto is keep trying eventually you get there..The problem is that I do a lot of planning but not acting :S

  32. Ahh, virus’ suck, I will say that is possibly one of the best things about a mac! No virus’s. Try getting Norton anti virus, it was a good send on our last laptops, I never had a virus.
    Daisy Dayz

  33. Hope your laptop is back healthy soon! Mine was down for a day or two a month back as well…there is nothing worse!

  34. Get well laptop, and stay strong – (almost) everything happens for a reason xx

  35. Hope everything starts to look up for you soon! Everything happens for a reason! Next week you’ll be showered in so much good luck that you wont know what to do with it 😉 xx

  36. keep going Laura!! xx

  37. I hope you are ok Laura. Remember you are amazing and fabulous and we all love you. See you back here soon.

  38. Erk, sometimes you do just get a hideous string of bad luck! Hopefully you’ll get your share of the good stuff soon though. 🙂 And my computer too has just broken – the battery is dead and I may as well just buy a new one than replace it.

    So dependent on technology!

    Emily x

  39. That quite is so true and I need to remember that sometimes. I hope your laptop gets fixed soon and that things start to cheer up. Take care love! xxx

  40. wow – i really needed this today. feeling super low and ready to pack things in…this was the slap in the face i needed! xx

  41. i’ve had the same experience – incredibly frustrating!

    but to make it worse – my Last Name is patience and i have none!

  42. That quote is really inspirational, hope things look up soon xx


  43. I’m also computer-less at the moment, it’s so frustrating! I also believe that things do get better, or at least more bearable, with time. Hope next week is better for you.


  44. Hope you and your family are okay lovely. Sending hugs your way. Thank you for the inspiration <3