I think I have a problem…

I really have become shoe obsessed. Like…more so than ever. I’ve always been clothes over shoes, or makeup over shoes, or well…anything over shoes but lately I just can’t get enough. The number of boxes stacked in my wardrobe somewhat haphazardly because I’ve run out of room is getting silly. That doesn’t stop me lusting though…

Hello YULL

“Sarah WatkinsonYull established Yull in 2011 at 21. The 21-year-old completed her studies at Philip Green’s Fashion Retail Academy in 2009 before working for the family business in particular focusing on the import, export aspects of business. Since then she has taken the decision to combine her creative side and ardour for fashion with her business knowledge in the launching of her shoe brand Yull.

Sarah says that Yull is ‘style over fashion’, a break from the current trend-following flow of impracticable and ephemeral shoe brands.

Yull is a mix of vibrant colours and playful patterns on classic designs accompanied by very wearable and timeless shoes that are hard to find in the existing market.

The brand is very patriotic and represents ‘Britishness‘ incorporating the range with the English season’s needs for fashion footwear in sporting and cultural events”

All of the shoes on the Yull shop are incredible, but narrowing it down to a top three I pick;

Primrose: Named after Primrose Hill just north of Regents Park, London. This area has the best view of the whole city. Coloured two tone green to mirror the park, these shoes are to wear to one of the many summer picnics which frequently occur.

Green, Navy Blue and White Eco-leather

Hoxton: Situated in London in the borough of Shoreditch – a trendy and lively area where City workers and artists gather. Just the place for a bright pink suede shoe.

Pink Eco-suede and White Eco-leather

Heel Height: 3.8inch

Grosvenor: Named after the exclusive Grosvenor House Hotel in Dubai. Beautiful black patent, this shoe can be seen from Buddah Bar to Rhodes and Sloanes but especially Bar 44.

Black Patent Eco-leather

Heel Height: 3.8inch

All three pairs cost £65 each. Motivation (for me) to quit smoking STAT.

Have you heard of Yull yet? What pair takes your fancy?


12 comments for “I think I have a problem…

  1. Really cute shoes!

  2. I love the Grosvenor pair! I’ll have to check out her web site:) xx

  3. I love the first one, amazing combination of colors! =)


  4. So chic! That first pair is my favorite- I love the color combo and the geometric design. They seem to have a bit of a funky-chic ’80s influence. x

  5. I am a shoe addict too! 🙂 Love the shoes!


  6. Dont worry, its not a problem :). I get very shoe happy, Bought the hottest pair today from topshop – the last pair and they were in my size. Meant. To. Be.

    Helen, X

  7. Absolutely in LOVE with Primrose, but I wonder what “Eco-leather” means? They don’t really explain on the website. I think I might email them and pray it means non-leather…!!

  8. I’ve got a pair of Yull’s Silverstone shoes and get compliments about them all the time. They’re perfect with jeans or linen trousers.

  9. I adore those pink and white ones! They’re so fun!


  10. I adore those pink and white ones! They’re so fun!


  11. I adore those pink and white ones! They’re so fun!


  12. I adore those pink and white ones! They’re so fun!