Oh man,
it is COLD today. I really resented having to leave my toasty warm house where only a dress is required, to venture out and about bundled up in cardis, coat, gloves and scarf.

How’s your Monday going? Do you live somewhere warm? (if you do, please kidnap me, thanks)



What are your plans for this week? I don’t think I have any? Weather permitting, hopefully I’ll make it in to Bristol for some Christmas shopping, but otherwise, not a lot. I must get my ass in gear and enrol on the media law course I want/need to do.

Anyone bought anything from the Giles Deacon for New Look range yet? I’m tempted by a couple of things, but want to check them out in store first.

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  1. sea

    i love the colour of the tights you’ve out with your (gorgeous!) dress, it works so well and you look lovely!
    i must get some xmas shopping done, because i know i will leave it to the last minute if i dont start now!
    sea x

  2. Love the colour of those tights and it goes so well with that dress πŸ™‚

  3. Oh my! The shoulders on that dress rock! xxx

  4. I have to write an oscar wilde paper this week, woohoo

    love your dress, great print

  5. loving the sharp shoulders sis! πŸ™‚ and the cosmic appeal. LOVE. primark? πŸ™‚

  6. Love ur outfit!! especially the bright tights!!!!

  7. You really work that dress-love it!!

  8. Amy

    You always have the best tights and wear them with the most perfect outfit. You look so adorable- love it!



  9. A beautiful colour clash. Nicely done.

    I’ve seen some of the Deacon range for New Look and I want the white pencil skirt with the fuchsia details. Lovely.

  10. Love your dress! Yay for Christmas shopping!!

  11. Isn’t it FREEZING!!!!!! I love that colour tights with the dress, i might ocpy you x

  12. cute dress and from what i can see cool boots

    awww i hope where ever your headed has the toastiest atmosphere

    Im in long beach california its usually warm but we sometime great the breeze from the beach lol so idk about today

    Vi from Cali

  13. Eri

    Love that dress so much!

    See you soon.

  14. love the shoulders of that dress so much! you look lovely.
    we have ugly weather, too… I’d rather stay in bed for the whole week!
    have a lovely one, xoxo

  15. Ah, great shoulders. I love this dress, the colours really suit you and the clashing tights are divine.

    I live in Yorkshire, so even colder up here! I love the cold though, it’s so Christmassy.

    Media law sounds interesting… I did a media with journalism degree and find the subject fascinating.

  16. I have my xmas list ready but I can’t be bothered yet!
    It’s still extremely warm for November here, I see people with thin cardigans around and I can’t believe it!

  17. pip

    I love the dresses you wear!!
    I’ll kipnap you and bring to Australia! It’s going to be over 30 degress here today and it’s only Spring… Bushfires are already starting πŸ™

  18. what a pretty dress honey, the sleeves are delish!
    all the best as you enrol on the course. go ahead and do it honey!
    darling dont get me started on the cold weather.it is horrid!!!
    have a fab evening

  19. i love the dress! great shoulders on it!

  20. omggg cute cute outfit!!! alsooooo, just wanted to say i left you a group of awards on my blog! i don’t know if you saw it! thanks for being so so sweet all the time! πŸ™‚


  21. nice outfit! you always have colorful tights!
    I live in southern california so it’s still warm here mostly lol, come visit! =]

    I can’t find it anywhere, It sold out fast. Jealous!
    πŸ™‚ β™₯

  23. cool dress!
    We’re having a freakin’ heatwave down here, so I’d be happy to kidnap you πŸ˜‰

  24. Gah, I REFUSE to Christmas shop in October! I know it’s practical, but I really can’t get into Christmas mode until at least mid-November.

  25. I don’t have any big plans this week… House viewings in the weekend again.. never ending thing! tomorrow work meeting AFTER work, boring!!! πŸ˜›

    you’re early with the christmas shopping!


  26. Today was the first day it felt properly wintery. It still surprises me how cold it is…I think somewhere in my mind I want to believe its still July. Great outfit, that dress is gorgeous πŸ™‚

  27. Gorgeous dress, darling!
    You look fantastic!!


  28. hey lovely,

    I know you didn’t manage to watch Leighton’s video so I found this for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ARBvgIm2RY

    Check out the wardrobe.

    drop by soon.

  29. Daisy where are you studying? I got my Ma in broadcast Journalism in Cardiff. Don’t go to Bristol, come to London and let’s go shopping together.

    Dena xoxo

    When walking home from college, it was all fog – I could barely see where I was walking, it took me ages ahha!

  31. Love love your dress (especially paired with those bright tights). Wish I were in the beautifully cold England! ^__^

  32. Fierce dress!!! The shoulders are amazing!
    Well, I do live somewhere warmer than the UK, but it’s not like the tropicals either. I am planning a trip to my boyfriend’s town though this week… Maybe I should shoot some pics by the sea!

  33. awesome outfit girl =)
    cherry ripes are dark chocolate bars with dried cherry in the middle. very yummy.
    would love you to add me to facebook if you have it β™₯

  34. Love the colour combination you’ve got going on, but I love the shoulders of that dress even more. I need to start Christmas shopping, its so much fun!

  35. you always look SO chic!! πŸ™‚ its usually freezing here in boston but we’ve had some weird 65 degree weather today !! completely out of the blue!!

    love that you live in bristol UK– i’ll have to visit! πŸ™‚

  36. Now that cold weather is the only thing that I do not like about being in London!

    And your dress is great, on the first picture it looks like only one shoulder is Balmaniac, but I think they are both supposed to be right!?

  37. I’m in love withe structured shape and print of that dress. Oh and how you paired it with such bright tights – Amazing!

  38. I love your purple tights! I think purple may be the only color of tights I don’t have. The print on your dress is awesome too. Sorry it’s so cold!



  39. love that dress and purple tights combo! I really like purple tights I think I probably have quite a few pairs in my overflowing tights drawer.
    It is bloody freezing here, and to top that I think I am coming down with the flu! Anyway less about me! Go enroll on that course now!

  40. Your dress is gorgeous, too bad you have to go out bundled up in layers now! It’s HOT HOT HOT where I am, I’ll kidnap you if I could lol:P

    Good luck with the new course!

  41. I love the tights and especially the dress!! πŸ™‚ If you really want me to kidnap you I could. haha. It’s waaaay too hot for me here. I’d rather be somewhere where it’s cold. Wanna trade?
    Have a great week! πŸ˜€

  42. If someone kidnaps you to warm you up, invite me with you! I am chillllllllyyyyyy girl! And I certainly don’t look half as cute as you. Stay wonderful πŸ™‚

  43. oh the weather in new york is so confusing!

    i went out yesterday in my new leather jacket (it’s november, so of course i thought it’d be fine…)
    but it was 60s and sunny! i was sweating my butt off!!!

    i wish it were cold because my new jacket is BOMB.

  44. I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT!!!!!!

  45. I love the sleeves of that dress…very cool.

  46. cute dress i love the sleeves also!

  47. Love the shoulders on that gorg dress! I’ll trade you some sunshine for some cool air. : )

  48. yah the weather very cold, I need two jacket to keep me warm

    I have tax midterms, I hate it soo much, it’s very streesful >.<, how about you ? lovee that dress, it’s my fav dress of you xxxx

  49. Okay, come to Florida! It was REALLY warm here today. πŸ™‚

  50. 80’s dress and colourful tights…huuuge yeah!

  51. oh there is no winter here only a few rains . maybe we can switch places ? because i want to see snow . haha .

    that dress is so lovely , in love with the purple tights . been hearing about new look and i’m interested . x)

  52. Anonymous

    i believe in your daily tights…god bless them…

  53. I love the dress! Where is it from? I know it suddenly got COLD… I froze to death and now I have a cold as well! All in 1 miserable day! Keep toasty πŸ™‚ xoxo

  54. MJ

    Kicking myself for not buying that dress when I saw it.


  55. You look lovely !

  56. Is that the Primark dress or Topshop one?
    either way, its gorg and I want one haha xx

  57. Beautiful dress. You always look so lovely. πŸ™‚

  58. I live someplace warm; but given the fact that it’s supposed to be fall right now, I would love to be somewhere cold. Maybe we should simply swap lives for a brief time? πŸ™‚

  59. Well, thank YOU, Miss Daisy! Can’t believe it took me long to discover your lovely blog. And wouldn’t you know it, there’s another of my favourite bloggers: Erika, of Cafe Fashionista! I’d love to swap locations with her for a while. x

  60. HONG KONG is HOTTTTTT…. ahahhaha you should come hereeeeeeeee

  61. I love, love, love this outfit!! xoxo ava

  62. I adore the shoulders on this dress and the print-so pretty xo

  63. love that you are rockin’ those shoulder pads – and the purple tights are awesome!

  64. You look amazing in this dress- love the shoulders

    PS i live in bristol too! xx

  65. So gorgeous love! Love the purple tights too! XOXO

  66. Super cute! Love the print on your dress ❀

  67. What lovely dress…so perfect on U, my dear!


  68. i adore your outfit! love the dress, crazy about the shoulders πŸ™‚

    lovely blog, def following πŸ˜€

    come visit mine sometime


  69. ooh this dress is one of my favorites.. those shoulders/sleeves.. looks so good.

  70. Summer is nearly here for me. You can come kayaking with me and my puppy (I’ve just put a pic on my blog of us yesterday)! Come join us down under πŸ™‚

  71. your dress and tights are great combo. i am lucky to live in sunny socal…. xo

  72. oh thank u thank u!!
    Hope it’s not as cold now !!

  73. I love your outfit! I think it might be one of my favourites of yours – the tights, the shoulders! Fantastic!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  74. oh!!! i am so in love with those floral dresses you’ve been wearing – xx

  75. ah, dont beg to be kidnapped. lol. your dress is so this season yet vintage! i love it!

  76. love your dress!

  77. Love your outfit – the floral + the bright tights really work!

    I’m so glad to have found your blog…and I’ve become a follower!
    Please visit mine if you get the chance:-)


  78. Love the puff sleeves…Keep warm dear, it’s just the beginning & it’s going to be even colder! Let’s meet in Hawaii, shall we?!

  79. amazing style. beautiful person. πŸ™‚


  80. SUCH a pretty dress! I hate this cold weather… Snow is good, cold and rain is bad. Why won’t it hurry up and snow?!?! ;-D At least it gives me an excuse to wrap up warm in my yummy winter coat, but still… Went to Barcelona last weekend… It was still vaguely warm there. Sigh. Xxxc

  81. Lovely dress! You look stunning! And I know, it’s freezing right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if it started snowing before Christmas actually!

    Lots of love,

  82. oooo i like that dress! why yes i do live someplace warm, but its hella warm, like HOT HOT HOT, like BURNNNNNN, which is rather odd because its the “-ber” months and its supposed to be cooling down. but its not….


  83. I LOVE THAT DRESS! what an awesome outfit.

  84. i adore your floral dress and your boots rock much ;D

  85. That is such an awesome dress. Love how you paired it with purple tights and cool boots.

  86. Those puff sleeves are so great!

  87. I love love love this dress. Yep, amazing.