In the Morning Light

Last week gave us one of those rare mornings, where thanks to the change in the clocks the garden was bathed in golden sunshine at just 7:15 in the morning. Never one to waste an opportunity (and running early for work for once in my life) I set up my tripod and grabbed some photos of a dress I’ve been itching to share.

Clearly I hadn’t had quite enough coffee yet as upon reviewing the photos I was a little disappointed that things had come out a little blurry and I’d failed to get the settings quite right, live and learn eh?

Dress: Marks and Spencer | Boots: New Look | Bracelet: New Look

I first saw this dress in a preview e-mail of the A/W collection from M&S and fell in love with it, everything from the dusky blue colour to the delicately embellish collar screamed “buy me”. A trip in to town a few weeks later saw me fall further in love as the dress looked even more perfect in real life. I didn’t buy it that day though, for whatever reason and buyers remorse kicked in. A couple of weeks later I was back in town and saw the dress again, this time in the sale reduced from £35 to £22…looks like shopping karma strikes again! It might look super simple, and really it is, but this is such a lovely dress for this time of year and the collar means accessories can be kept to a minimum. I’m a big fan of a pretty collar and they don’t come much prettier than this!

I wasn’t really sure what shoes to pair with the colour of the dress if I’m honest, black seemed to harsh and my grey Zara ankle boots didn’t really work either. In the end I settled for these brown boots from New Look which I just can’t bring myself to get rid of, they are so very comfortable even if they aren’t the most attractive shoe in the world. The outfit still didn’t feel quite right though so if you have any shoe suggestions then do send them my way!

It’s bonfire night tonight and I am so tired after an event last night and an early start at work that any plans to go for a walk to watch other people’s displays have long since vanished- last year resulted in Ben and I playing with sparklers in the park, this year will be more of a cup of tea and glance out of the window type affair! I’m not massive fan of fireworks anyway, unless they are part of an organised display. I live in a really residential area where people insist on setting off industrial sized rockets- Mae is a cowering wreck for the days leading up to and days after the 5th of November and that makes me all kind of mad.

Are you off to any displays over the next few days? I can’t wait to see some photos…


6 comments for “In the Morning Light

  1. It’s a really nice dress, colour and detail are great. The boots are pretty. If you has black and white patterned shoes, they might go too. Oh my, I remember the hell my cats experienced on Bonfire night and times around it, horrid! Hope Mae is ok.

  2. Such a simple and cute look! Those boots are rawrsome. <3

  3. Oh my God, there was so many fireworks going off in my area last night when I walked to the shop you could barely see through the smoke. I love that dress, the colour is so divine and the collar is super drool worthy.
    What a beaut you are!!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  4. Such a lovely dress! Love the boots too – I’ve just bought some similar ones and was ecstatic to find that New Look have sorted out their footwear sizing and I can now buy shoes from there! Good news for my feet, not so for my purse… xxx

  5. What a beautiful collar!