Yesterday I started out wanting to wear this Topshop skirt, several combinations later I ended up with this, and remembered how impossible I find this skirt to style. On other people, it looks great and so I’ve reluctantly kept hold of it, hoping…but really, the cut/fit doesn’t work well on me, so if you were looking for this skirt, it’s now on ebay
I have such a love/hate relationship with skirts. Being tall with long legs and a long torso I find it near impossible to find one that sits where it should

And so yesterday I ended up wearing this New Look dress with M&S tights (plus converse). I love these tights but they sadly laddered later in the day. I wonder if M&S still do them? Has anyone seen any two tone polka dot tights about?

In other exciting news, I managed to track down the MUA Heaven and Earth palette! My local superdrug finally got a stock; they only started displaying the pro range just over a week ago but the palettes had been distinctly missing. I want the pastel one too…so pretty and such a bargain price!

My Becca has started a blog too! It took a lot of persuading/bullying but she’s done it! Go over and say hello! she’s a gorgeous girly with lots of insight.

Happy mid-week dolls, half way to the (long) weekend!


22 comments for “Indecision

  1. I shall be watching this skirt on ebay! It does look fabulous on you though : ) And those tights are amazing, hopefully M&S will pull through


  2. ooh I hope you can find some more of these tights they are really cute.

  3. Vix

    I’ll keep my eyes peeled for those tights.
    Good on you for popping the problem skirt on eBay. It looks lovely but if it’s a hassle it’s far more sensible to get rid. x

  4. cute denim dress!
    And am going to check out Becca’s blog now!
    Jules @ A Bit of Jules

  5. you are the Queen of tights I love the first outfit the skirt looked perfect on you great colour too. Love he second outfit too shame those tights laddered hope you find another pair xoxo

  6. The first outfit is fab 😀 i love the colour of the skirt!

  7. Amazing tights! They go great with that dress x

  8. Love those fun bright tights. Goodness do you ever NOT look adorable?

  9. The superdrug near me still hasn’t stocked the MUA palettes. I’ll just have to keep waiting! You have such a great collection of tights!

  10. I wish I had the long legs long torso problem!

    I think the way you styled the skirt looks great by the way. Love the colour of it.

    Also loving those tights! Amazing.


  11. Well you look great in both. Love those pink tights!

  12. Personally, as a bloke (sorry) I’m a big fan of bright and patterned tights under dresses, but skirts (and you may hate me for this) leave me cold.
    The dress / tights combo looks really good, so maybe you’ll forgive me x

  13. Those pink tights are fab! Try topshop for some similar, i got some black and grey ones there last winter so it might be worth looking x

  14. I absolutely love your tights xoxo

  15. Downhill to the weekend!! Yeyey

    Love the tights – hope you manage to find a new pair x

  16. Love the tights! The skirt is really nice, I can imagine it being a pain though :\

  17. I am forever changing my mind about what to wear! Yay for the long weekend coming soon!

  18. That skirt in the first outfit is AMAZING. I want it. Badly.

    Oh, and I want long legs like you. You’re so lucky to be gorgeous and tall and fabulous. 😉

  19. I like the color of that skirt! :]
    I love blue haha.
    I really like the denim dress you’re wearing.

    I’m glad you were able to track down the MUA Heaven and Earth palette!

    XoXo, Bree
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  20. Topshop skirt (aqua always wins!)


  21. Ah I hate it when nice tights ladder. Happened to my nice aubergine Uni Qlo ones and they don’t stock the colour any longer.
    Lesson…ALWAYS buy two pairs!

    Almost the weekend so have a fab weekend. xx:)